Updated on June 9th, 2022
Thailand Pass
Thailand Pass
and Airport FastTrack

Thailand Pass no longer required if you are Thai

Thailand Pass is a web-based system for Thai, and foreign travellers to fill in their travel, and health information. Upon approval you receive a QR code which will allow you to travel to Thailand (you will still need to meet visa requirements).


    Updated on Jun 1stNo Quarantine (Everyone)
    Eligible CountriesAll Countries
    Not Required

    (Approved Vaccines)

    Fully vaccinated

    (At least 14 days prior to traveling)

    (Children under 18 years, and travelling with parents are exempt)

    Or COVID-19 RT-PCR or Professional ATK within 72 hours of departure
    Medical Insurance

    (Not required for Thai nationals)

    Medical insurance with min coverage of $10,000 (USD)
    (click to view options)
    COVID-19 tests in Thailand

    (Travelers are responsible for test fees which will be included in hotel reservation)

    Not Required

    We offer Full Service/VIP options for Thailand Pass

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    • Unlimited access to our team of specialists
      * Our team has successfully assisted with hundreds of applications, and they are available around the clock.
    • Assistance with Thailand Pass application
      * If we do not sucessfully obtain your Thailand Pass QR code in time for your departure we will fully refund you the same day. Please read our refund policy for exact terms.
    • Average Thailand Pass service approval time: 1 - 2h
      * This is our average approval time if we are provided all of the correct documents.
    • Assistance with obtaining insurance
      * One-stop-service we also obtain low cost insurance which meets all the requirements for only 400 THB (all inclusive).
    • VIP Airport Service
      * Gate to gate service
    • FastTrack Airport Services
      * Skip the queue
    • Airport Limousine Pickup
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    • Free 5G SIM Card
      * You can pickup the SIM at the airport

    We recommend using our Thailand Pass services to avoid any issues in the application process. Mistakes when applying for your Thailand Pass can cause delays. There is no fee to apply for Thailand Pass on your own, however we do charge a fee if you wish to have us submit on your behalf, and follow up on your case.

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    starting at 2,500 THB
    starting at 3,000 THB

    Thailand Pass Required Insurance

    Insurance Company NamePackage PriceDays CoveredCoverage Amount
    MSIG฿66015 Days$10K USD
    LUMA฿1,20121 Days$10K USD

    Online approved within 24 hours (unless otherwise specified)

    * prices which are not originally in THB have been converted to THB, and may not be exact.

    * The insurance package must cover the full stay of the visa you will be entering on.

    Our line account will keep you informed about anything related to
    • Thailand Pass
    • Entry Requirement Changes
    We will ensure that you are up to date with all the latest changes / requirements.

    Thailand Pass FAQ

    What is Thailand Pass?

    Thailand Pass is a web-based system for Thai, and foreign travelers to fill in their travel, and health information. Upon approval, you receive a QR code which will allow you to travel to Thailand (you will still need to meet visa requirements).

    How much does Thailand Pass cost?

    If you apply on your own it is FREE at the official application portal. However there may be additional fees if you use our rush services to submit on your behalf, and follow up with your case.

    How long is the Thailand Pass valid for?

    Applicants can use their approved Thailand Pass QR Code to enter Thailand on different date of arrival if the new date of arrival is within 7 days before or after the original date of arrival as indicated on the QR Code.

    Where is the Thailand Pass website?

    The website will be at

    How can I check my status?

    For applications after November 10th you may check your status at

    What does it mean when my Thailand Pass is rejected?

    Please refer to the Thailand Pass Rejected FAQ.

    How long does the approval process take with Thailand Pass?

    It is required that applicants submit their registration at least 7 days prior to their intended travel date.

    Do you still need COVID-19 insurance?

    From the information recently released we still expect that incoming travelers are required to have Thailand Covid-19 Insurance coverage.

    Can I change my travel date once I have registered and received my QR code?

    If you would like to change your travel date / registration details, you will need to re-register on the Thailand Pass system.

    If I have multiple trips in and out of Thailand, can I register multiple trips through Thailand Pass?

    Yes. You may submit multiple registrations at the same time for travels into Thailand at different dates to facilitate your travels and itinerary, Please be mindful to present the correct OR code to the Health Control and Immigration officer upon arrival. Failure to do so may result in delay in your travels.

    I am traveling as a family or a group, can I just submit one application for the whole family/group?

    No. Everyone aged 17 or over must submit an individual registration through Thailand Pass. Children aged under 17 can be added into their parents registration under the section Personal Information.

    My children are unvaccinated; can they enter Thailand through the same scheme as their parents?

    • All persons aged 12 or over must have a vaccination certificate confirming that they have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days before their travel in order to be able to enter Thailand through the Exemption from Quarantine.
    • Children aged 18 and under if accompanied by their parents or legal guardian can enter Thailand through the Sandbox, or Test & Go program.

    How can I contact the Thailand Pass team?

    You may reach the official Thailand Pass "24 Hour Call Center" team by phone at the following numbers:

    • +66 2572 8442
    • +66 6 5205 4247
    • +66 6 5205 4248
    • +66 6 5205 4249

    They also may be reached via email at "".

    Thailand Pass Documentation FAQ

    I am an expat living and working in Thailand, do I have to submit an insurance policy document?

    • Expats living and working in Thailand under a valid visa or residential permit are required to provide proof of insurance coverage in Thailand or valid social security card or certified letter from their employer.
    • Thai nationals are not required to provide proof of insurance coverage as they are covered by Thailand's universal healthcare program.

    What are the required documents for Thailand Pass registration?

    Requirements vary depending on the scheme which you are planning to enter Thailand.
    Details are as follows:
    Documentation RequiredNo Quarantine
    Passport CopyRequired

    Or COVID-19 RT-PCR or Professional ATK within 72 hours of departure
    Vaccination Certificate

    (Approved Vaccines)

    Medical Insurance

    (Not required for Thai nationals)

    Medical insurance with min coverage of $10,000 (USD)
    (click to view options)
    Accommodation Requirements
    Not Required
    Thai VisaIf Required

    What if I do not have a mobile phone, how could I present my QR Code?

    If you do not carry a mobile phone with the QR Code, you may print out a hard copy of the QR code and bring it with you to present it to the officers at the airport.

    Can I use other COVID-19 test results other than RT-PCR?

    No. Your COVID-19 test result must be obtained using the RT-PCR testing technique only.

    What are the vaccines approved by Thailand?

    The vaccines approved by Thailand include;

    • CoronaVac (Sinovac)
    • AstraZeneca
    • Pfizer-BioNTech
    • COVILO (Sinopharm)
    • Jansen Johnson & Johnson)
    • Moderna
    • Sputnik V

    Does Thailand recognize mixed vaccination?

    Thailand fully recognizes mixed vaccination. However, your second dose needs to be administered based on the recommended timeframe for each vaccine type, as follows;

    • 1st dose (Sinovac) + 2nd dose after 2 weeks
    • 1st dose (AstraZeneca) + 2nd dose after 4 weeks
    • 1st dose (Pfizer-BioNTech) + 2nd dose after 3 weeks
    • 1st dose (Moderna) + 2nd dose after 4 weeks
    • 1st dose (Sinopharm) + 2nd dose after 3 weeks
    • 1st dose (Sputnik V) + 2nd dose after 3 weeks
    *Those vaccinated with Jansson (Johnson&Johnson) vaccine do not need to receive their 2nd dose to be considered fully vaccinated.

    I have previously been infected with COVID-19; can I travel to Thailand?

    Those previously infected with COVID-19 are considered fully vaccinated if they have received a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine 3 months after their recovery. However, if you have been fully vaccinated prior to contracting COVID-19, you are still considered to be fully vaccinated.

    Will my personal information be safe with Thailand Pass?

    Your personal information is encrypted and safe with Thailand Pass as it will be used for the purpose of approving, and facilitating your arrival in Thailand only.

    TAT is an approved Online Travel Agent for Thailand.
    TAT License 11/10602