Updated on February 10th, 2023

Travel insurance for Covid-19 treatment costs from reputed insurers, with a minimum coverage of USD35,000 for the duration of their stay in the Philippines

Fully vaccinated travelers are no longer be subject to facility-based quarantine upon arrival. Travelers must present proof of vaccination and negative RT-PCR results from a test taken within 48 hours or a negative laboratory-based antigen test taken within 24 hours of departure from their country of origin. Travelers also must self-monitor for symptoms for seven days after arrival, reporting to local government authorities if they begin to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. The same requirements apply to fully vaccinated travelers with valid, existing visas.

All of the following policies meet the entry requirements for the Philippines

Insurance Company NamePackage PriceDays CoveredCoverage Amount
WorldTrips฿1,11715 Days$50K USD
SafetyWing฿1,18915 Days$100K USD
LUMA฿1,20121 Days$35K USD
ACS฿2,69830 Days$100K USD

Online approved within 24 hours (unless otherwise specified)

* The insurance package must cover the full stay of the visa you will be entering on.

Arriving (foreign nationals)eligible to enter PH without a visa, not covered by the Balikbayan privilege (under Republic Act No. 9174)

Fully Vaccinated

  • One Health Pass
  • Negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours or negative laboratory-based Antigen test taken within 24 hours prior to departure from the country of origin
  • Self-monitor for any sign or symptom until the 7th day from arrival
  • Proof of Vaccination
  • Travel or Medical Insurance with COVID-19 treatment, and with minimum coverage of USD35,000. The insurance policy presented must reflect the minimum coverage.
  • Passport should be valid for a period of at least six (6) months at the time of their arrival to the Philippines.
  • Valid return tickets to the original port of origin or next port of destination for not more than 30 days from the date of arrival in the Philippines.
  • Citizens of Brazil and Israel are allowed to stay for a period not exceeding 59 days.
  • Holders of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or Macau SAR passports entitled to stay for a period not exceeding fourteen (14) days.
  • Ukrainian nationals may be allowed entry without a visa, and are not required to present a travel insurance, a return ticket, and need not comply with the (6)-month passport validity at the time of arrival to the Philippines.

Unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, vaccination status cannot be verified

  • Not Allowed to travel to the Philippines.

Philippines Covid Insurance FAQ

Do these policies meet the entry requirements?

Yes, because they are all over 35,000 USD of coverage.

When should the plan insurance start, and end?

The policy must start on, or before the date of arrival. It should end on, or after the expiration date of the visa you will be entering on.

What is the minimum period the covid insurance must cover to enter Philippines?

The insurance package must cover the full stay of the visa you will be entering on. However if you have a return flight which is before the end date of the visa you are entering on, then you may use this date as your insurance end date.

Do Thai Citizens need Covid-19 insurance to enter Philippines?

COVID-19 insurance is not required for Philippine citizens.

What is the cheapest COVID-19 insurance for the Philippines?

Currently the cheapest COVID-19 insurance which meets the entry requirements for the Philippines is WorldTrips.

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