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Updated on April 21, 2022
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Maximum of 2 Adults, 1 Child, 1 Infant
Superior 26


  • 7-Eleven Purchase
  • HDMI Cable
  • International Channels
  • Internet - Wifi
  • Microwave
  • Outdoor Facilities
  • Swimming Pool
  • Yoga Mat
Maximum of 2 Adults, 1 Child, 1 Infant
Deluxe River View with Balcony 28


  • 7-Eleven Purchase
  • Balcony
  • HDMI Cable
  • International Channels
  • Internet - Wifi
  • Microwave
  • Outdoor Facilities
  • Smoking Rooms Available
  • Swimming Pool
  • Yoga Mat

For travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Bangkok, CASA VIMAYA RIVERSIDE is the perfect choice. Only 28 km away, this 4-star property can be easily accessed from the airport. With its convenient location, the property offers easy access to the city's must-see destinations.

Take advantage of a wealth of unrivaled services and amenities at this Bangkok property. This property offers numerous on-site facilities to satisfy even the most discerning guest.

Guests can choose from 50 rooms, all of which exude an atmosphere of total peace and harmony. The property offers fantastic facilities, including outdoor pool, to help you unwind after an action-packed day in the city. Whatever your reason for visiting Bangkok, CASA VIMAYA RIVERSIDE is the perfect venue for an exhilarating and exciting break away.

Amenities / Features

  • 3 meals per day with Thai and Western cuisine to choose from
  • 1 Covid test (2 tests for 7 and 10 Days package)
  • Airport transfer
  • Free high speed wifi
  • Relax area at rooftop poolside after first Covid test for 1 hour per day
  • Mini bar refrigerator
  • Free bottles of water (unlimited)
  • HDMI cable connected to TV
  • Bathroom amenities
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Very Good
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Very Good
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2.6 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Nett, aber gleichzeitig etwas uninteressiert , Zimmer waren sauber und auch ausreichend Groß , Test wurde als schnell Test mit Extra Zahlung geordert , war sehr schnell und zeitnah , hat problemlos geklappt . Ergebnis nach etwa 3 Stunden . Pool war ok aber nix besonderes .
  • Balkon kann man so eigentlich nicht bezeichnen , kleiner Vorsprung passt eher . WLan langsam , Essen eine Katastrophe , Kalt ,in Plastik abgepackt wurde einfach hingestellt und war nicht das was man bestellt hat . Allers fertig abgepackt , im Hotel gibt es auch nix anderes . So ein schönes Frühstücksrestaurant am River und nix wird angeboten dort . Angestellte sind ziemlich desinteressiert , man hat ja schließlich alles schon bezahlt und mehr holen lohnt sich nicht . Fahrt wurde privat angefordert ( nicht mit mehreren Gästen ) kostet extra 1000 thb

Preis Leistung ist nicht gerechtfertigt . Ansonsten ok . Mit etwas anstrengung und mehr Service wäre es um längen besser

4.6 Superior
  • Quick test result, friendly helpful staff.
  • No negatives that I can think of.

All Good, would use again. Airport pick up fine. Food ok for quarantine food, they even gave me extra which saved me ordering a grab. They got me things from 7-11 too. First thing the next morning I had my negative test result.

1.3 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • balcony
  • health hazard
  • inedible food

the room was a health hazard with broken flooring and cigarettes/buds left in the balcony. This is a SHA approved hotel, so did not meet the standard. Part of the package included 3 meals - but food was inedible (food was rotten, and meat left out in the heat which caused a terrible smell). All of this made it difficult with a 8 year old child.

3.0 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Room
  • Staff communication
  • No fresh towels
  • No room cleaning

Hotel was good, but ... as we stayed there 3 nights, they did not clean the room every day and no fresh towels. We had to ask ourselves.

3.6 Superior
  • Very friendly staff
  • Cold dinner

Room ok - exept for sewage smell. When I left hotel the test result could not apply in the Morchang app - and still haven’t

3.7 Superior
  • Good service
  • No problems

Transfer from airport OK.Hotel reception Very kind and cooperative.The hotel has a lift.I would recommend

4.6 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Everything well organised from the picking up at the airport to the PCR test to checking out.
  • Nothing negative, all good

Everything went well despite the worries about stories you hear about scamming. The hotel was good, staff were more than helpful. The whole process was well organised. Thanks to all the staff.

2.9 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Friendly Staff
  • Balcony view was great
  • Large Bathroom
  • Great air conditioning
  • Could stay in the same room with my wife
  • Little to no covid precautions
  • Left us to mingle in the lobby with others waiting for test
  • No food choice, and the food wasn't great.
  • Didn't receive lunch at all
  • Booked for 7 day quarantine and was kicked out on day two after a negative test.
  • Took over two weeks to get a refund for the week I paid for.
  • Communication was bad. Ignored my emails and line messages.

We arrived in Thailand right as the quarantine rules were changing so we planned on still needed to quarantine for 7 days. Since we are vaccinated and tested negative on day 1 they all of a sudden treated us as Test-and-go and told us to leave the hotel. Seeing as the ASQ booking is very expensive compared to a regular hotel we left with the promise of a refund for our remaining days. They also didn't provide us a second test for the week or make us register in MorChana or anything. It took two weeks to receive the refund, after they ghosted me. It is one of the cheaper ASQ hotels, and you get what you pay for. I was sad that my experience didn't reflect the previous excellent reviews I read about this hotel.

4.3 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Lovely staff. Very helpful and responsive. Easy check in and check out. Good location for a quick getaway south of Bangkok once you are free to go. Very professional testing and results procedure.
  • Food was awful. But that's not uncommon in ASQ and tolerable for one night.

It would be helpful if staff explained everything at check-in. E.g. what time is test, how to choose the menu, etc. But it all worked out in the end.

3.7 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Good wifi,
  • fast check in,
  • welcoming staff
  • food Great
  • Little bit hard bed for me
  • No minibar with Juices or coke fanta etc when check in

Overall its ok, for 1 day test and go, but for more days ,hmmmm i would thinking about another bigger room ,but its not bad i will not say that

4.1 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • This was one of the only hotels that had an option for the test and go when we needed to book. They were very helpful and gave us all the documents we needed even before other hotels could organize themselves.
  • This part of the city smells bad due to it being old and on the river. The room smell is very strong like the street.

We only stayed six hours, so it was ok. Otherwise the smell would have driven us crazy. They were very helpful most of the time, but at one point when I ordered grab, there was nobody at the desk to bring it to me so it just sat there until I went to get it myself. Not sure if I was allowed or not, but my drink was melting. The room is too small to stay for a long period of time.

4.7 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Easy airport pickup
  • Good transport vehicle
  • Good location
  • A safe and well operated establishment
  • Reasonable rates
  • Enjoyable food daily
  • Room facilities very good
  • All room requirements were met
  • Efficient and friendly staff
  • On site nurse and Covid testing room
  • Quick results service after test
  • Balcony allows fresh air
  • Room view is interesting and varied
  • Wifi is most efficient
  • Room service for any extra goods or supplies is efficient
  • Meals are adequate for the stay
  • Menu is varied
  • Efficient check out
  • Cannot offer any negatives seeing hotel offers such good value.

My wife and I were required to spend 7 days in a quarantine hotel. We are pleased we chose C.V. it provided great value and our stay was more than bearable considering the regulations.

5.0 Superior
  • Great thai cook !!!
  • You can choose your menu !
  • Hôtel is brand new (2021)
  • Room very clean & confortable
  • Balcony in front of river +++
  • They take good care

Amazing experience. Especially because you can choose the food and the chef is so good 🌟🌟🌟… they also have vegan and fish alternatives. 👍 everyday food miracle ;) I enjoyed looking at the fishes in the river from the balcony, the view is nice. I recommend this place to all my friend and will come back next time.

4.3 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Bright, airy room
  • Balcony
  • WiFi
  • Huge comfy bed
  • Separate chair and table
  • Unlimited water
  • Treadmill hire
  • Lots of sockets
  • Outside deliveries allowed
  • 2 portions of fresh fruit daily
  • Quiet
  • All the plastic!

I had a comfortable stay and the time whizzed by. It was great to stand out on the balcony and watch the world go by. The room is like the pictures. It's not huge but it feels spacious and airy as it's bright, The Wi-Fi is very good and I used the hdmi cable supplied to stream. I also attached a USB cable to the TV. There are some English and other European channels channels... news, films. I hired a treadmill and used it everyday. This was great. Food was mostly good, some meals very good and all edible. Portion sizes are not big except for rice get lots of rice! There are always thai and western options. The fresh fruit twice daily was nice plus a cookie or cake with lunch. The hotel staff placed an order at 7/11 for me for snacks and I was able to order in from Gourmet Market and Family Mart using grab /food panda apps myself. The bathroom is nice and the shower was hot and powerful. You have 3 pcr tests and this is the only time that you leave your room. Quarantine isn't fun for anyone but if I had to do it again I would definitely stay here. The staff are friendly and helpful.

3.9 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Big windows and sliding glass doors onto the small balcony so access was easy and a fairly wide view was available.
  • Good sized bathtub.
  • Nurses clear with directions about temp checks and testing.
  • Stable and fast internet.
  • Food delivery was consistently on time.
  • Ordering from 7-11 was easy and quick.
  • Plenty of hot water.
  • Yoga mat and dumbbells delivered on request.
  • Only got fresh bedding or towels on request and they would say okay and then nothing would come until further requests were made.
  • "Riverview" is actually just a polluted klong.
  • Balcony not wide enough to sit comfortably but standing outside was nice.
  • Body soap and shampoo provided were terrible, bring your own.

Everything was fine for quarantine. A little rearranging of furniture made it possible to get enough floorspace to exercise. They provided a sponge, dish soap and laundry detergent which were all greatly appreciated. I wish there was a way they could provide food/water without sooo much plastic but do understand the difficulty the situation causes for this. I would feel comfortable recommending this hotel to friends or family if they needed to quarantine in Bangkok.

4.3 Superior
  • Economical

15 nights is a long time to stay in a small hotel room, but for 2 people Casa Vimaya is good value. I recommend getting a room with a balcony that faces the canal as it offers a good view of the wildlife (fish, monitor lizards, birds, etc.)

The Thai food is quite good and the foreign food is OK, but you can also order off a menu for an extra charge and I found that to be quite good.

3.9 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Food (it was good that I could choose my menu beforehand.
  • View
  • Balcony
  • AC
  • No chance to go out
  • No cleaning
  • Small room

Although I couldn`t go out even once during my stay, the balcony made a big difference! Food was good!

4.7 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Very attentive service
  • Room was spacious and comfortable
  • 14 days is far too long
  • Vaccinated, tested 4 times, difficult to understand why 16 days?

Hotel and staff were very good. However I would recommend visitors wait until reduced to 7 or 10 days as 16 days was almost unbearable. Perhaps government officials should try 16 days themselves.

4.8 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Very quick and good response through emails and messenger.
  • The food was tasty and more than enough.
  • The balcony made my stay much easier.

I could see the river from the balcony. The balcony is towards east, so it is ok to stay on the balcony all day long.

5.0 Deluxe River View with Balcony
  • Clean, quiet hotel with Balcony (of course you need to order and pay for this). I ordered the continental breakfast for each morning and the Thai food for lunch and dinner and IMO, the food was GREAT.
  • Very limited English TV selection BUT their super fast internet made up for it so I could watch whatever I wanted online. The A-Holes above me feeding the pigeons (not the hotel's fault and they even have placards telling people not to do so). You will notice a lot of waste from the food delivery - the plastic - it piles up very quick. I am not a tree-hugger but the amount of plastic waste I generated for 10-days was disheartening.

I got their on 5/5/2021 and only had to do 10 days quarantine. Had I arrived 12 hours later, it would have tacked on 4 days and Baht 13,000 (My 10 day bill was Baht 35K). Their 7-11 policy is great - they only tack on 10% to whatever you order - which is great since other places do a fixed fee (~Baht 100) for each trip. As I mentioned before, the Thai Food is GREAT. It made the lunch and dinners something to look forward to. Things to bring - Metal eating utensils (I forgot until I was on the airplane - so I nicked a set from Eva Air - they were small but they worked much better than the hotel provided plastic fork and spoon - they did not give a plastic knife). The food will most likely be cold on arrival outside your door - but having a microwave fixed that issue. Big bathtub was a plus. ASQ is required but weird to get used to. Upon arrival, you only speak to the nurse while your bags are carried up to your room. After the nurse, its up to your room. No one in the lobby. I only left the room twice for my COVID tests and on the 10th final day to leave.

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229 Phra Sumen Rd, Talat Yot, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

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