Thailand Sandbox Requirements

Updated on June 14th, 2021

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The Thailand Sandbox program will first start with Phuket, and it is still planned to start after July 1st.

UPDATE (May 27th) The TAT reconfirmed that Thailand will be going forward with the Phuket Sandbox program starting on July 1st.

UPDATE (June 4th) A meeting with the Prime Minister, and the CESA took place. They extended the minimum amount of required Sandbox stay from 7 nights to 14 nights if you wish to travel to other provinces after your stay.

UPDATE (June 12th) The Prime Minister has reconfirmed that the Phuket Sandbox program will proceed without delay.

UPDATE (June 14th) The SHA Plus Hotels will have to submit guest information to SHA-BA (Booking Authentication). They will then provide the guest with a QR code that can be used to obtain their COE. We are still waiting for more information around the topic.

How can I travel under the Phuket Sandbox Program?

  • You must be Vaccinated, and NOT traveling from a HIGH RISK country.
  • You must be Vaccinated 14 Days to 1 Year Before your date of Arrival.
  • Children under the age of 12 Years Old do not need to be vaccinated.
  • Children between 6, and 18 will need to have a Rapid Antigen Test when they arrive at the Phuket Airport.

Are there other requirements to come to Thailand?

Yes, you must still follow the entry requirements HERE.

You can book a Phuket SHA+ Sandbox Hotel for at least 14 nights if you wish to travel to other provinces. If you do not intend to travel to other provinces you may book a shorter term sandbox stay.

Sandbox FAQS

Do I need to be vaccinated for the Thailand Sandbox program?

Yes, you must be vaccinated.

Is the Phuket Sandbox program officially approved?

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) will reconsider the modalities of the Sandbox on Friday, 18 June. Hopefully it will make it into the Royal Gazette soon.

Do children need to be vaccinated to enter Phuket under the Sandbox program?

Children under 19 do not need to be vaccinated, but if they are older than 12 they will be tested upon arrival.

Can you change SHA Plus hotels?

A vaccinated traveler may change hotels during his stay as long as the hotels are SHA Plus, and that they have made the reservations before their arrival in Phuket.

Will bars, and clubs be open?

Bars, clubs and karaoke lounges shall remain shut in July. However, SHA Plus hotels may serve alcohol in restaurants on their premises.

How much does a PCR test cost?

A PCR test in Phuket currently costs between THB 2,500 to THB 4,000.

Can I travel outside of Phuket?

You may only travel outside of Phuket after you have completed your 14 nights in a SHA Plus hotel.

What is a Sandbox Hotel?

A sandbox hotel is a SHA+ Hotel located in a region where the Sandbox is approved in.

What is SHA Plus?

It means that at least 70% of staff at the venues and businesses have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Only SHA+ Hotels will qualify for the sandbox program.