Certificate of Entry (COE)

Updated on September 7th, 2021

Certificate of Entry (COE) Details

Because of COVID-19 everyone entering Thailand MUST obtain a COE.

You can start the process at coethailand.mfa.go.th.

If you would like our team to assist you through the process to ensure no mistakes are made, and the approval process is as smooth as possible then you can click HERE.

What are the COE requirements?

The main requirement for the COE is that the applicant qualifies to enter Thailand based on the list of eligible travelers.

The applicant must secure the appropriate Thai visa before applying for the COE. Once the visa has been obtained, the applicant must prepare the following documents for the COE application:

Full service options for COE

We have a team of professionals which have assisted thousands of travelers successfully enter Thailand.

  • Unlimited access to our team of specialists
  • Assistance with visa application (non-immigrant O visa and tourist visa)
    * Depending on passport country, and origin country
  • Assistance with COE application
  • Assistance with booking ASQ / Sandbox hotels
  • Assistance with obtaining insurance
  • Assistance with booking flights

We recommend using our COE services to avoid any issues in the application process. Mistakes when applying for your COE can cause delays.

Certificate of Entry (COE) FAQ

What kind of insurance document will meet the requirement?

In order to request for the COE, you must upload a proof of insurance that covers COVID-19 with at least $100,000 coverage. It must be indicated on the letter or statement. If you were rejected, you may highlight or circle the phrase/ sentence in the paperwork that you provided previously.

You do not need to get a new insurance coverage IF your current insurance company can issue such statement. Please contact your insurance company for further details.

If you do not yet have a insurance policy with the required coverage you can find Thailand Covid-19 Insurance Here.

When should I apply for a COE?

It is recommended to request the COE around 20 days before your intended travel date.

If you apply too early it may result in a rejection.

What visa type do I select if I wish to stay in Thailand less than 45 days?

11 (Exempt) – Medium term Visitor – Visa Exemption

How long does it take to get the approved Certificate Of Entry (COE)?

Many factors play a role in the COE processing times i.e. is your application is filled out correctly and accompanied by all needed documents, the order the application is received in comparison to other applications, the date of arrival in Thailand. However, you may expect the processing time between 1-15 days.

I filled all my information for a COE but did not get the 6 Digit code, what should I do?

If you successfully request the COE, you will get an email with the 6 Digit code automatically.

There are a few possible reasons you may have not received the the email.

  • You provided an incorrect email.
  • Your application is still in the system. Please note that you may change/revise your information rather than creating new request to prevent creating a duplicate in the system.
  • The email may have landed into your Spam or Junk mail. (This rarely happens)

If you still have a problem accessing the COE application, please contact the Royal Thai Embassy.

I can not upload files / The COE system says "please attach file" even though I did, how to fix?

To upload the file, you have to click an "up icon" under the picture AFTER you have already selected the file to enable upload.

What does Ordinary passport mean?

If you are not a Diplomatic officer, or Government official then you most likely have an ordinary passport.

If the travel plan is changed or the information on the COE needs to be correct, what is the procedures?

DO NOT REQUEST A NEW COE unless you were suggested to do so by the officer. If you request a new COE and it’s duplicate the information in the system, you will not get a 6 Digit-code.

Flight changes (due to flight delay or cancellation ONLY) are permitted within 72 hours from the original flight time without the need to issue a new Certificate of Entry, provided that all other required documents are still valid. (See Note to flights in your COE)

If the new flight are after 72 hours of the original flight, please see below:

In order to change the information on the COE, please contact the Embassy/ Consulate-General that issued the COE for you. (The first paragraph of your COE / or the signature seals will indicate the location where you receive the COE from).

Please email the embassy that you applied to, and the email should contain the 6-Digit code and Full name to request the access to the application.

Please be informed that the Embassy/Consulate-General can not make any changes to the COE they did not issue.