Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on April 17th, 2021

How to enter Thailand during COVID-19?

Currently you must meet additional requirements to enter thailand.

Can I smoke in a ASQ hotel room?

Yes, but it depends on the hotel room. Some ASQ hotels offer smoking rooms, and you should inquire directly with the hotel if they can offer you this type of room.

Can I drink alcohol at an ASQ hotel?

No. Alcohol is prohibited.

Can I stay with my girlfriend in the same room?

Most hotels require you to be married, however some hotels do allow non-married couples.

Can families share hotel rooms?

Yes, but only certian rooms have enough room for multiple guests. Please refer to Family Suite rooms.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 while staying in an ASQ hotel?

You will be transferred, and admitted to the hotel's partner hospital. And you will be taken care of by certified medics, using the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration’s (CCSA) protocols.

Can couple/family stay together if arrive on different flight?

No, everyone must arrive on the same flight.

What is ASQ?

ASQ stands for Alternative State Quarantine, and these are government designated hotels/packages located in Bangkok.

What is ALQ/ASLQ?

ALQ/ASLQ stands for Alternative State Local Quarantine, and these are government designated hotels/packages located outside of Bangkok.

Can I order food from outside?

This depends on the hotel, as some hotels allow ordering from 7-Eleven.

Can my pet join me in quarantine?

No, but you may have an authorized person pickup your pet at the airport.

Do I need COVID-19 insurance?

If you are not Thai then you must have travel insurance which covers COVID-19 up to $100,000 USD. For inexpensive insurance which meets these requirements you can refer to our Thailand Entry Requirements which covers all the plans.

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