Extended Sandbox Requirements

Updated on August 29th, 2021

UPDATE (August 16th) The proposal to link Phuket to other selected tourist destinations in the 7+7 scheme has been approved by the CCSA. The exact start date is still unclear, hopefully we will know more tomorrow.

UPDATE (August 17th) The 7+7 Sandbox Extension is now officially approved, as announced by the TAT.

How can I stay at a Extended Sandbox hotel?

What areas/hotels does the Extended Sandbox cover?

How to I get to my second sandbox hotel?

Please refer to the Phuket Sandbox Transfer page for more information on transfer/transport options.

How do you get to the second hotel?

Before you have completed your 7 night stay at the first hotel in Phuket you will need to obtain a Transfer Form which proves that you stayed in your hotel for 7 nights. You will also need your two negative COVID-19 test results.

Then you may travel to your next destination

Common Recent Issues

  • August 17th: Many hotels are not yet familiar with the SHABA system, or have yet to be given access. Because of this we advise to wait a few days until all the hotels have been given proper access.

Extended Sandbox FAQ

Can I enter Thailand with a Extended Sandbox booking only?

No, you must first spend 7 nights at a Phuket Sandbox Hotel, and then you can make your other 7 night booking at an Extended Sandbox hotel.

Can book longer than 7 nights?

Yes, but you must first spend 7 nights at a Phuket Sandbox Hotel.

Has the extended sandbox been approved?

Yes, it was officially approved, and announced on August 17th.

Do I have to book before I arrive in Thailand?

Yes, you must have a 7 night booking for a Phuket Sandbox hotel, as well as a Extended Sandbox hotel (total 14 nights).