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Updated on September 18, 2021
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Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements, and this includes applying for a Certificate of Entry (COE) to enter Thailand as well.

Booking requests put you in direct contact with the The Heritage Srinakarin Hotel in a prioritized manner, and The Heritage Srinakarin Hotel will directly collect payment from you.

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Located in the bustling city of Bangkok, The Heritage Hotels Srinakarin combines a contemporary and elegant feel with traditional Thai hospitality, providing stylish and comfortable accomodation at a reasonable price.

The Heritage Hotel has facilities that include a fitness centre, wireless internet access and a shuttle bus service that runs between the hotel and the main road.

Just 20-minutes away from the airport, by taxi, The Heritage Hotels Srinakarin is within walking distance to various major shopping malls, restaurants and bars.You will also be able to travel with ease around the city by taking the BTS Skytrain at the station located along popular Sukhumvit road.

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0.5 Superior
  • lack of communication
  • food variation
  • TV
  • ants
  • hot water
  • wifi

First of all, I booked Heritage Srinakarin hotel, but the driver took my different way to the hotel, so that I asked him, but his attitude is terrible like don't disturb me and can not speak English well. Then, he drop me off completely different hotel where is around Bangna garden. I told the lady that I booked different hotel that is Heritage Srinakarin hotel, and she checked to the hotel and told me that it is full booking by mistake, so that changed the hotel here named NY City resort. I complained that I booked the Heritage Srinakarin because it is close to my Thai house and I have never heard that. But she just say sorry and no room in the Heritage Srinakarin, so that I had to stay there and my Thai company staff was supposed to me give some stuff that is some snack and Play Station because it would be boring while I stay ASQ hotel, but my staff went to the Heritage Srinakarin hotel because I told him that I booked there, but I arrived at NY City resort as I said, so that he also had to come to NY City resort to give them to me. When I enter the room and tried to connect the Play Station to TV, but TV is old one and HDMI cable that I have is not worked, so that I asked the reception to change TV or room, or I would be bored for 2 weeks, but she says that it is impossible. How come, even though, I have no choise to stay this different hotel from my book!? So that, I could not play the Play Station during my 2 weeks stay there. And also, the building is old and a lot of ants came into the room and they tried to enter my PC keyboard because maybe it is warm, but I can not concentrate my work and would be cause of break my PC, so that I asked my staff to bring some insecticide and it became less after I used it, though. Besides the hot water for the shower was not came out well, so that I asked the reception, but they can not enter the room because of isolation rule, so that they told me to fix it by LINE and I did. It became better, but still not "hot" water, but warm. I had to stand it for 2 weeks as well. WIFI is terrible as well. I had to enter ID and password, but this WIFI can not accept to connect my PC and mobile phone, even the indicate is pop up like " you can connect only 2 devices". So that I had to connect my mobile WIFI to the mobile phone and took a lot of money... I believe that the thing that we can enjoy during the isolation stay in the hotel is food, but their menu variation is very limited. Curry or cognee or stir fry w. rice, or noodle. I got bored this variation, so that I tried to Grab food, but the location is far away from the center of Bangkok, so that not many food that we can order... Totally, I really disappointed and angry. It is kind of scam because they have never told me that the hotel is changed. And also, poor service and environment as I wrote. I want them to money back honestly say.

0.6 Superior
  • good care nurse
  • Terrible service
  • The receptionist has no manners. not trained
  • The food is not fresh, causing diarrhea.
  • The room does not match the reservation.
  • There is no standard of cleanliness.
  • Wifi is terrible, can't really use it.

The hotel is not straightforward in the service. Booked Heritage Hotel, but stayed at NY Resort without prior notice. The room is not clean, the wifi does not work, the food is not fresh, the taste is very bad, the customer has diarrhea from the food that is not fresh. or may not be clean The receptionist has no manners. Refuse to provide customer information by throwing calls to other employees Bae has no manners

The nurses are very caring and give great advice. But the hotel service is the worst.

3.5 Superior
  • Super nice and friendly staffs
  • Staffs always answer the line when I call for asking or reporting problems.
  • Various and yummy meals (usually served with fruit and dessert)
  • Bright room
  • Having smart TV that can stream Youtube or movie channel.
  • Many problems when moving in (water heater failure, slowly flowing water etc.)
  • Wifi is terrible (Only be able to use texting apps)

Everything is fine but wifi is too slow here. I have to use my own wifi (buying SIM card). it cost too much to pay during quarantine.

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