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Updated on October 24, 2021
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Total AQ Hotel Rooms 250 Bedrooms
Partner Hospital Sukavej Hospital

Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements, and this includes applying for a Certificate of Entry (COE) to enter Thailand as well.

Booking requests put you in direct contact with the The Cotai Luxury Design Hotel in a prioritized manner, and The Cotai Luxury Design Hotel will directly collect payment from you.

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The Cotai Luxury Design Hotel ตั้งอยู่ในบางบ่อ ห่างจากมหาวิทยาลัยอัสสัมชัญ วิทยาเขตสุวรรณภูมิ 4 กม. ให้บริการที่พักพร้อมอาหาร สระว่ายน้ำกลางแจ้งและศูนย์ออกกำลังกาย ที่พักมีสิ่งอำนวยความสะดวกหลากหลาย และ ที่พักมีแผนกต้อนรับเปิดตลอด 24 ชม. บริการรถรับส่ง รูมเซอร์วิสและมีอินเทอร์เน็ตไร้สาย (WiFi) ฟรี

ห้องพักทุกห้องที่โรงแรมมีเครื่องปรับอากาศ โทรทัศน์จอแบนระบบช่องสัญญาณดาวเทียม และห้องน้ำส่วนตัว เครื่องเป่าผม และมีเครื่องใช้ในห้องน้ำฟรี ห้องพักมีโต๊ะทำงาน และกาต้มน้ำ

ที่พักให้บริการห้องพักระดับ 4 ดาวพร้อมห้องซาวน่าและสนามเด็กเล่น

สนามบินที่อยู่ใกล้ที่สุดคือสนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ ซึ่งอยู่ห่างจากที่พัก 15 กม.

Amenities / Features

  • COVID-19 testing by Real-Time RT-PCR (3 times).
  • 24-hours ambulance service transfer between the hotel and hospital.
  • Free initial assessment session via video call.
  • Daily health monitoring.
  • Face mask, alcohol gel, and thermometer in the room.
  • Admittance to the hospital if testing positive for COVID-19.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi.
  • 32-inch TV (satellite channels).
  • Split-type air conditioner.
  • Full board meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Airport pick-up service from Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi International Airport to hotel.
  • 24-hours standby nursing service.
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Very Good
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4.5 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Big balcony and nice view. Vegetarian meals 3 times a day without extra charge. Big and nice room, good bed, beautiful walls painting, an abstract picture on the wall. TV on the table, not too high on the wall. Fridge, kettle, tea/coffee, dry noodles - complimentary. Nice furniture, nice floor, and curtains. Very nice staff, they were bringing delivery from 7/11 for me Very quickly and communicating Very nicely! I wish them all the very best! ) Plus perfect transfer from the airport.
  • Unfortunately not everything was clean in my room. The floor and the bed were nice, but I found a lot of previous guests' hair in the bathroom, storage of empty bottles in the cupboard, and the dirty aircon. I cleaned it myself. I was also washing my pillowcases because during my 14 days staying the hotel didn`t change bedsheets. Even though I requested. The food. It was always cold, I guess because the restaurant put it in boxes long before meals time, and deliver it to the rooms much earlier schedule. The dinner time is at 18.00, but the food was under the door at 16.45. The dirty food boxes were staying in the corridor for hours, and collected maybe ones a day. TV. Just Thai channels! I found only 3 non -Thai: France-24, and two Chinese channels. I think that hotel, which is charging 2000 baht per night could buy an International TV channels pack, it`s not so expensive. Or - install Smart TVs in rooms.

I would do recommend this hotel. Yes, not everything, and AQ measures are not perfect, but the price was good, the room and service are very good, and I liked staying in this hotel. Thank you! )

4.7 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Staff very helpful and they stick to covid rules n
  • Tv channels

Thank you for a hood stay the staff where very helpful and everything I ask for they did almost straight away I was very impressed with how quickly they respond I was very grateful

3.7 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • The balcony was good
  • The staff were very helpful
  • There was no variety in food
  • Super hard bed
  • Bad wifi

I would recommend this place to anybody who is looking for a cheap room with a balcony. Next time though I might upgrade to the nicer room.

2.4 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • The amount of food is much more than I could eat, and various meal.
  • dark room and much dust
  • Wifi is so so terrible :(
  • The staff never answer an in-room phone

I was moved here bc the former hotel is changed to the temporary hospital. The former hotel is better in lower price and I got good service.Here, I was only happy with food. I don't understand why they never answer my in-room calling. In case, if I had an emergency situation, who's gonna know?

4.0 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Was good
  • Cockroaches

I couldn’t go out for walk ,so it was Thai rule. I suppose it was nice quarantine hotel ,not expensive

2.7 Deluxe - 1 Bedroom
  • Plenty of food , too much , trow away or get fat .
  • Not good for vegetarian. Only one tv channel in english repeating same news every 30 minutes .... verry disappointing .

I recommand becose there are some fabulous sunset . The little balcony was greatly appreciated . For e few more thousand bath take hotel with balcony if you can afford it . Ask the room looking at Bkk for sunset

4.3 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Great food! Friendly staff. It's quarantine don't expect The Ritz people
  • WiFi was really bad at times.

Apart from the WiFi I have no complaints. Staff always happy to help when I messaged them. Quarantine is never going to be easy peeps

3.3 Deluxe - 1 Bedroom
  • Great notifications
  • Some time feel scary

Quite environment. Need more TV broadcast in multiple language for non Thai. Satisfied with the procedure in managing the pandemics,

2.3 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • wide room with balcony
  • food
  • clean
  • maintenance

We needed to wait close to an hour in the airport for there waiting for other guests that did not arrive. The first room we got was just terrible. Cupboards falling apart and dirty. After we insisted to move to a better room, we got a room that at least was cleaner and cupboard didn't fall apart. I won't recommend it, especially because of the food that for us coming from the west was almost inedible.

1.2 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Nothing
  • Staff lier and not help
  • Food cold and not pot spices. Feel like prison food
  • Hotel not let me pay room service with my credit card only with Thai bank money transfer but I'm tourist so how can i have Thai bank account???
  • Can't buy 7 eleven items with cash only with bank transfer
  • Hotel not give drink only water. You try stay for 1 week without something sweet to drink

Hotel damage my health After few days i can't go toilet because food not good Hotel give only cold Thai food. Hotel should not sell package for falang. Only for local residents. Hotel never give pad Thai or something good to eat.

2.8 Superior - 1 Bedroom


3.4 Superior - 1 Bedroom

Everything that we need to have for living correctly. Internet is out of service during the day due to the number of connections. You might have to sleep during the day and be awake at night if you don't wanna get bored too much. Correct stay.

5.0 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Everything
  • Nothing

Thank you very much for everything you are very kindness and food are very good and more than I need the balcony is the top I could also smoking 😅🙏👍

2.4 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Closed to the airport, transfer was included. Staff tried to do the best.
  • Information at the check in was not good, had to find out by myself. After day 5 i asked for my daily hour at the relaxing aerea, was told to be called, but nothing happend. So i decided not to leave the room except of getting the Covid test.
  • Food was enough, but always cold and everything tasted same. Microwaves to rent were available for THB 2000 !! For 1500 you can buy one at Tesco Lotus. What a joke 🤣 if they are not able to serve hot food they should place one on each room. 14 days same breakfast ( sausage, egg and rice soup ).
  • After run out of coffe i was told to pay extra or order at 7/11. 😤
  • But anyway, you get what you have payed for.

So you better spend a few thousand bath more and have a good stay. I wish everybody all the best at.

3.9 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Good facilities
  • No negative

Good management ... nice place to stay ...good personal and food was all right and nice view .........

3.6 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • In general I had a good stay
  • If you love eating chicken that is the place to be sometimes twice a day but it would be nice to have a little more variety !!! don't get me wrong the quality and taste was excellent

Happyyyyyy to get out today yessssssss and whising every one doing quarantine to be strong ;-))))))

3.9 Superior - 1 Bedroom

Services very good Staff very nice Room clean Food is nice But Need more spicy food for Thai people

3.8 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Great meals. And because it is located quite out of Bangkok CBD, the ambiance is truly relaxing, restful and soothing. My room was facing the fence of trees and open flieds, I loved it.
  • Wifi is pathetic and some of days it remained disconnected for hours. Nobody came to clean the room in 16 days I had two beds in my room, so I switched my bed after one week. Another complaint I must make that on the first day I found 6 complimentary sachets of instant coffee means less than half per day, when these were finished, and I asked for more, I was told that I would have to buy more if I needed some. I hope for future guests they would at least leave one sachet of coffee per day if not more.

It was a pleasure staying at this secluded property. I was given an hour off quarantine each day from my day 6 onward to go out for liesure, there is a tidy lawn and swimming pool where one may not swim but chill. I would say the Cotai is a nice hotel with excellent food, comfort, locality with poor wifi and average service. They offer complementary fruit often with lunches and dinners, small piece of cake and there was kettle in the room to make coffee, tea or noodles. Breakfast is good and you can choose, but have to inform the reception through the Line application, whether you would like a Thai or an English one, etc. Also the restaurant is very good and reasonably priced but as I said the food provided in the ASQ package was so delicious and enough that I one needs to order anything. Overall the experience was brilliant and I enjoyed my 16 BEER-LESS days. Can't wait for tomorrow morning to go to my most favourite city on this planet, the Bangkok - and ice cold Chang at Khaosan Road ;)

3.8 Superior - 1 Bedroom
  • Very organizaded!
  • The internet was not good.

The reception was very gentle, kind and helpful. People are very nice there! I think the restaurant could have a phone (they have just the line to order other foods).

3.8 Superior - 1 Bedroom

The ASQ price was 29,000 baht. They do not provide much basic information when you check into the hotel. I realized on my first day that I don’t know what time I will get food, when the Covid test will be taken, whether the room will be cleaned, how to order from 7-Eleven, etc.

Food arrived three times a day at about 8, 12 and 4. They also give fresh fruit. Sometimes, though, we wonder with other people in the hotel what logic is being used to bear fruit? Because sometimes most of the residents got a big box full of fruit and I didn’t. 😀 But I found this fun mostly. (I never missed the fruits in the ration.)

The room was spacious and had everything you needed, a large bed, kettle, TV, fridge with a small freezer compartment, a large sink on the room side (convenient for laundry), hot shower water, etc. When I came in, there were plenty of drinking water bottles, instant coffee, tea, instant noodles, ear cleaning sticks, shower caps, laundry detergent, dish soap, hand glove, toothpaste and toothbrush and chips when I came.

You can do business with the hotel staff using the Line App or by calling the hotel phone. Sometimes messages don’t get answered or a response comes after a long wait, but what’s the rush here now? However, I recommend that if you need something, order the space you need before it runs out, give time for things to happen. All my wishes were actually always realized, sooner or later, sometimes with more effort and sometimes with less. Often the response to the message could be "ok", and then it remains to be seen whether your request will happen or not, I found that usually this "ok" means that your wish will be fulfilled, you just have to wait a couple of hours. And if not implemented then grab the phone and call the staff. Many of the staff did not speak or understand English well, so the phone could be circulated by three different staff members before I was understood.

Covid tests were taken on days 5 and 12. The nurse called the previous afternoon and told the time of day as it was taken. The nurse then called again in the morning when I was allowed to walk downstairs for the test. The result was received the next afternoon by phone. After the first test result, I got an hour of outdoor time a day, this had to be booked the day before from the nurse. Room cleaning is also available after the first test result, which was also booked from the nurse by phone.

I recommend this hotel if you do not expect luxury but a basic hotel where you can get food to live. I think it's just an ordinary three-star Thai hotel.

I advise others to think about how much would normally cost a two-week hotel room, a three-star hotel. Usually that price doesn’t even include food, maybe some kind of breakfast, but not as good quality as these ASQ dishes are. Now, however, this ASQ price includes a Hotel Room, three meals a day, an airport shuttle, a nurse 24/7, two Covid tests ... etc.

If you are not picky about food and are looking for a normal hotel room without luxury, but with a balcony then I recommend this.

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