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Updated on July 29, 2021
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฿10,000 DEPOSIT
Total AQ Hotel Rooms 200 Bedrooms
Partner Hospital Piyavate Hospital

Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements to enter Thailand as well.

Alternative Quarantine hotels are in very high demand right now which is why we advise making your booking requests sooner rather than later to ensure you can get the room/package you desire.

Booking requests put you in direct contact with the The Bazaar Hotel Bangkok in a prioritized manner, and The Bazaar Hotel Bangkok will directly collect payment from you.

The Bazaar Hotel Bangkok is no longer operating as an ASQ.

We have over 180+ ASQ/ALQ hotels which regulary update their information on our platform.

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As a government-authorized Alternative State Quarantine (A.S.Q.), The Bazaar Hotel Bangkok is ready to welcome quarantine guests who are travelling to Thailand per Thai government's requirements of arrival into the country.

Our hotel have had over 8 months of quarantine operation experience from both our services for the government's Local Quarantine and State Quarantine, plus our cooperation with internationally known Piyavate Hospital, assures that you will be in good care during your stay.

Amenities / Features

  • Sanitized, private airport pick up service to hotel on arrival day
  • COVID-19 periodic tests at the hotel's designated area for COVID-19 screening
  • 24-hour standby nurses
  • Preliminary healthcare kit (hand sanitizer/medical alcohol, personal thermometer, masks etc.)
  • Tele-medical consultant with doctors at Piyavate Hospital (first 10 minutes free)
  • Non-COVID medical services and medications provided at an additional cost
  • If you are tested COVID-19 positive, you will be transferred to Piyavate Hospital immediately for further treatment.
  • Full board meals with options available from a special ASQ menu throughout your stay (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Beverage fridge, hot water kettle, coffee, tea, and bottle provided in all rooms
  • Additional Room Service available
  • Toiletries, towels, robes, slippers, and basic washing products provided
  • Wifi and digital TV (Complimentary Internet sim card)
  • Separate Bathtub and Shower in all rooms
  • Living room, microwave and pantry (Junior and Mini Suites only)
  • Outdoor leisure area by the pool for your relaxation with social distancing measures(allowed after negative 1st test results)
  • Scheduled room cleaning services
  • Item deposit counter available for family members to send guest personal necessities
  • Butler service available to purchase other necessary items from 7-11
  • CCTV and security around the clock
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Very Good
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Very Good
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4.2 Superior Room
  • The staff was great
  • Very responsive on Line
  • The food always came in large enough quantity
  • The wifi, even after paying for the extra pocket wifi, was not so stable

I recommend this hotel for your 14 days. They handle everything very smoothly and everyone is super professional. They have rooms facing the main street, probably more noisy but at least you can see some form of life and get the sunrise in the morning. Or they have rooms facing a residential area that's more quiet. If you really need super fast and stable wifi for work your best bet is using a Thai sim card if you have one that's still valid and purchase a package with unlimited 4g/5g.

3.8 Superior Room
  • Nice bathroom
  • Comfortable room
  • Wifi poor

A pleasant hotel ,good service Yes I would stay here again The food was ok mainly Thai food Price was ok

4.8 Superior Room
  • Staff friendliness, superb service.
  • None

From beginning to end, I was looked after extremely well, almost as though I was the only guest. Without exception, the staff were very helpful and friendly. My only gripe was being quarantined but that was not the fault of the hotel!!!

5.0 Superior Room
  • The view, the bed, the food, the wifi, the coffee, delightful gift on my birthday

Quarantining for 14 days required to start a holiday is already really rough, but doing so at the Bazaar Hotel was really comfortable in the Superior room.

4.5 Superior Room
  • Food very good
  • Staff friendly
  • Service fast
  • Room have enough everything
  • Room condition not anymore like new.

Good quarantine hotel for staying.Food super good and fresh.Staff friendly.Service work good.Nurses how works quarantine time professionals and take care good.

4.7 Superior Room
  • Very clean
  • excellent service
  • has everything you might need
  • staff very nice
  • organized
  • Room without windows (glass wall)
  • Week wifi, but they gave me a SIM card

I’m very pleased with my visit to Bazaar Hotel Bangkok. There was everything I needed for a 10 day quarantine. I’m also vegan, and the vegetarian menu was really good and tasty with good variety. Although not all meals were vegan, most of the food was. Recommend this hotel for an easy quarantine

3.6 Superior Room
  • Huge room with loads of space.
  • Bath and shower, lots of toiletries and refreshments.
  • A lot of food every day, and enough bottled water for the duration of the stay.
  • Excellent view.
  • Comfortable and very large bed.
  • Air con was great.
  • Staff were helpful and friendly.
  • Convenient location for being picked up once finished your quarantine.
  • Excellent and easy pick up at the airport.
  • Explained everything about your stay and the restrictions clearly.
  • Clear communication via message with reception staff.
  • I am vegetarian, and stated this before arriving. For the most part, it was fine but I was served meat 4 times during my stay, twice they also served other options but twice the meat was the only option brought to me so I didn't eat anything.
  • No fresh towels, only one towel for a day 10 stay.

Although the staff were very pleasant and friendly, and I got paperwork explaining what would happen during my stay, no one checked in after the 7th day when I was supposed to be able to book a 45 minute slot on the roof terrace, and no one checked in with me the night before check out, I had to assume check out was going ahead without yet receiving my negative test result. Recommend if you are just looking for somewhere to chill and eat before heading into Thailand.

3.6 Superior Room
  • Food was pretty good.
  • Communication with staff could be better. Sometimes would take hours to reply if at all.
  • No balcony, which was stated but a window would be nice.
  • 45 minutes at the leisure time, which would be cancelled with the smallest amount of rain. I heard other hotels gave 1 hour.

Overall my stay was decent, was a little disappointed by the communication with the staff members via whatsapp. The floors were duct taped in places where the wooden floor had cracks, was not expecting that. Everything else was as expected.

5.0 Superior Room
  • Excellent

It's a pleasant hotel and room. Staffs are very friendly. Food and service are really great. service is available 24/7.I will recommend this is hotel for ASQ stay.

2.8 Superior Room
  • The room was nice , the bed excellent, the bathroom was good
  • Wi-Fi didn’t work
  • Food arrive in the wrong time
  • Send wrong food

I told them that I have allergic of spice food and I didn’t eat pork, but everyday they send me the food in the wrong time , or was spice or something like that . And if I contact them I have a problem with communication or because they didn’t understand or because they could not help me.

4.6 Superior Room
  • staff members are extremely accommodating, they may not all speak English fluently but I can see that they try their best to help
  • food portions are enough for me, I always feel full after meal
  • their THB 10,000 deposit option was helpful for me given that I had to prepare for lots of expenses
  • their LINE is responsive fast enough
  • I cannot say any con because the things that didn't happen during the quarantine (cut-off leisure time) because those were beyond the control of any ASQ hotel. This is a trying time for everyone so any mishaps were understandable.

The WiFi is not as fast but if you let the staff know, they will gladly help you on it. This is my first time out of my country and staying at Bazaar Hotel made my experience memorable.

3.8 Superior Room
  • Separate shower and tub. Soaking in the tub after arrival was nice.
  • Nothing really.

I booked a 7 day ASQ and arrived during the time period that it was still allowed. Arrival at the hotel: Disinfected my shoes and put plastic covers on them, sprayed me with some bug killer and escorted me into the lobby. There they took my blood pressure, temperature, photo, examined my paperwork and I paid the remaining balance for my room. I payed 10K Baht up front and 6.5K on check in. Added an app. to Line for contacting the ASQ nurse and one to report temperature twice a day. Didn't get the temperature app. to work so I sent photos of the thermometer to the nurse and she entered it for me. Then I was escorted to my room.

The room was better than I expected. Tile floor with a temporary vinyl cover. Queen size bed with a firm mattress. Nice bathroom with separate shower and bath tub. TV guide showed 17 channels but most were Thai. Used my phone as a hot spot so I can't comment on the WiFi. No balcony and no microwave. Food arrived reasonably hot and was good so I didn't need a microwave, can live without TV if I have internet and I don't smoke.

Seven days went by quickly but I was glad when it was over.

5.0 Superior Room

This hotel has not disappointed me at all. Everything was so smooth and done professionally from picking up at the airport until the day I checked out. The room was so spacious and clean. Food was great and the service was excellent. The staff was very attentive and helpful. I truly recommend this hotel if you are considering to visit Thailand.

4.6 Superior Room

I am glad I picked the Bazaar. The price was excellent. The staff went out of its way to make me comfortable. I really appreciated the vegetarian meals. I picked the hotel because it had vegetarian meals. The room was quiet and very relaxing. The staff was timely in everything it did. The hotel was better than the description I was online. There was no delay in checking in and going to the room. The room and the hallways were always clean.

3.7 Superior Room

Very satisfied with the services provided and hotel staff and nurses are friendly and helpful. Will definitely recommend to others.

1.1 Superior Room
  • Really trying to think of something positive to say...
  • Staff reads messages and doesn’t respond. Room was 31 Celsius, I mentioned it, They read and didn’t respond to the message. The hotel staff is uncoordinated. The food is worse than the expected. Knew it would be bad but come on. They throw you in the room and forget about you basically

I’d consider shelling out a couple extra hundred bucks to stay at a different place. 7 eleven delivery service is offered. The food usually arrives 6-7 hours after you call and message them several times. Too lazy to write anymore. Trust me; don’t stay here. You’ll thank me later

4.7 Superior Room
  • Nice Staff
  • Helpful
  • Lots of Food options + 7/11 Delivery if you want something specific

I arrived on my Birthday and was welcomed with cake and celebration :) Very happy stay, Thank you!!!

4.3 Deluxe Room

The hotel staff were good. Food was great. I enjoyed my stay at the bazaar hotel and I would like to recommend it to other people too

4.9 Mini Suite
  • Staff
  • Food
  • Room
  • Wifi pocket router
  • None

I was very happy I had choosen this hotel. Could do some work thanks to the wifi pocket router. Staff was absolutely very friendly (thanks Asu!). Room was very spacious. Food was very very good and choose more then sufficient. All with I will recommend this hotel for 110%.

2.0 Superior Room
  • Food most of the times is acceptable, but in little quantities.
  • Internet gets disconnected all the time, impossible to watch netflix or have a conference. TV has only 2 english channels. Room old and dirty. Bad service, after 5 days waiting for fixings, never happened.

As I imagine during the ASQ you would want to have a proper internet connection, so I do not recommend this hotel. Based in friends comments, cheaper hotels have better connection.

4.6 Superior Room
  • , clean. staff helpful,
  • internet not fast enough for live tv streaming, even with pocket wifi


5.0 Superior Room

Time really flies fast, i did my quarantine on 3-18 march 2021, @ The Bazaar Hotel Bangkok To the doctor, nurse and the hotel staff, thank you for taking care of this 15 night 16 days quarantine, The hotel was quite new and really a nice place to stay, the room was clean and comfortable, I am very much impressed by the service , delicious food and everything is very organised. The staff and nurse are really kind and nice, they helped with everything i needed. After the 1st swap test came negative, can went down relax some fresh air at the pool side. My second test came negative 2 days ago, i can go home today, those who are looking for ASQ, This is the one highly recommended 👍

5.0 Superior Room

Time really flies fast, i did my quarantine on 3-18 march 2021, @ The Bazaar Hotel Bangkok To the doctor, nurse and the hotel staff, thank you for taking care of this 15 night 16 days quarantine, The hotel was quite new and really a nice place to stay, the room was clean and comfortable, I am very much impressed by the service , delicious food and everything is very organised. The staff and nurse are really kind and nice, they helped with everything i needed. After the 1st swap test came negative, can went down relax some fresh air at the pool side. My second test came negative 2 days ago, i can go home today, those who are looking for ASQ, This is the one highly recommended 👍

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Address / Map

5 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

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