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Updated on January 19, 2022
Total AQ Hotel Rooms 100 Bedrooms
Partner Hospital Sukhavej Hospital

Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements, and this includes applying for a Thailand Pass to enter Thailand as well.

This hotel in high demand right now which is why we advise making your booking requests sooner rather than later to ensure you can get the room/package you desire.

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Amenities / Features

  • 2 COVID-19 tests (Real time RT-PCR)
  • Twice-daily temperature & health monitoring under nurse supervision
  • 24-hour standby nursing service
  • Free 24-hour ambulance service transfer between the hotel and hospital
  • Free initial assessment session via video call
  • Private restroom with shower
  • Free High-Speed internet Wi-Fi
  • 32-inch TV with Cable TV
  • Full board (3 meals a day from a select menu)
  • Complimentary snacks and minibar (on the day of arrival)
  • Complimentary individual thermometer in room
  • Room cleaning service after first swab every 3 days
  • Airport pick-up service from Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi International Airport to the hotel
  • 20% discount on food & beverage services
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2.2 Superior Room
  • The bed was comfortable
  • WiFi drops out every 10 minutes and was very slow, set menu not selected as in package details and all food was thai and very small serves and cold, no cable TV as stated in package just 3 thai news channels 7 thai infomercials and 1 thai cartoon channel, only supplied 8 litres of water for 15 days, could hear a water pump running on the roof that stopped and started constantly making the pipes in the walls bang this was all day and all night, I know it's not their fault but the staff didn't speak or understand English,

I will never stay there again, is cheaper for a reason so don't expect much, its a serviced apartments not a hotel.

2.3 Superior Room
  • Very friendly staff, especially the people waiting at the airport, the nurses, the reception and the people bringing the food and cleaning the corridors. Clean rooms. High quality bedsheets.
  • no help with purchasing essential items (anti-mosquito vaporiser, as the windows had no netting!), no help with recovering some important items that were forgotten on the balcony, poor wifi

In general this is a basic nice and clean room, with a relatively ok view (a lot of sky), and with rather poorly functioning WIFI. The staff is very polite and the reception phone is answered immediately... but one only receives a very basic service for whatever extra-needs one may have. In my case, I needed anti-mosquito vaporiser (the type you plug in) because I'm one of the few people trying to reduce the use of air-conditioning. The windows had NO NETS! First instance in over 10 years of living in Asia that I stay in a building which has no insect nets (assuming everyone is just using AC 24/7, is so unsustainable..and also not really healthy). On the departure morning, a bit in a hurry, I left some really important items on the balcony, and I wasn't helped to retrieve them, in spite of offering to pay some extra money on top of the postage, and in spite of tones of emails. A kind reply: 'we'll inform our staff'.. which actually is just made to shut your mouth. I don't think they really inform the staff.... BASICALLY: The feeling that everything is prepaid and therefore you cannot expect much service afterwards pervaded. I'm very sorry to write a negative review, but I was actually quite saddened to see the staff literally didn't care I couldn't sleep at night due to mosquitoes. Luckily a lizard moved in and helped reducing the population. Although the hotel mentions 'they would buy any items the quarantined people may need', the purchases are actually done online from a 7-11. If whatever you may need is not among the items sold by the 7-11, you won't get it. So, bring with you whatever you need, apart from snaks and coca-cola.. .which are easily available and apparently much more important to provide during a quarantine, compared to an antimosquito vaporiser, right? And let me not even get into the vegan meals. It took many days to explain vegan means no eggs, no meat (even if only tiny shreds etc..)... but, as we know, intermitent fasting is healthy....

3.3 Superior Room
  • The room had a balcony
  • The food only thai

The hotel was ok and the stuff was very friendly and careful with everything.The test was done twice ,very organized

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