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Updated on July 4, 2022
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Salil Hotel is located along the lively streets of Sukhumvit and is within easy walking distance of Thonglor Skytrain station.

Rooms are decorated in a contemporary style and are furnished with several facilities to make your stay comfortable. It includes air conditioning, a 32-inch LCD television, a DVD player and free Wi-Fi internet access.

Camillian Hospital is located 1.1 miles away.

Amenities / Features

  • Our package is inclusive of the following benefits for all room occupants:
  • 1-time COVID-19 PCR screening test
  • One-way transfer from airport to the hotel
  • Inclusive of Breakfast
  • One Antigen Test Kit (1 set per person)
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Very Good
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2.8 Superior Room
  • The staffs know English.
  • We booked because of their good reviews, while we stayed there they keep asking us to leave them a good review. Overrated.

We booked our test and go with them, had to add them on various channels to get a response which can be frustrating. When we reached the airport we waited about 20 mins for our ride to pick us up it was okay. We did our PCR once we arrived at 7pm and informed us our test results will be back next day 430pm. The room was a 3 stars quite standard. Some things are aged and outdated. I booked the hotel because of its good reviews when I was there The staffs kept asking for a review that when I realised the hotel was oversell. I can’t recommend this hotel as for the price we paid, we can get a 5 stars hotel and also due to the long waiting hours for the PCR test. A day stay is enough.

4.4 Superior Room
  • Excellent service mind

Staff is friendly and helpful with service mind. Hotel location is not far from Airport. There was quickly process RT-PCR swap and result within 5-6 hr

2.1 Superior Room

Staff, particularly front reception team seems not being enough trained and were dramatically unhelpful ( both pre and post reservation, even with any minimum requirements of hospitality and attention which had to be for such a qualified hotel

3.0 Superior Room
  • Upon check-in, the guy who sent me to the room was very friendly, kind and helpful.
  • The nurse who did the swab also communicated well about the process and she was also gentle and efficient in doing the swab.
  • The room is clean and cozy.
  • Breakfast (See details in the comment)
  • PCR result (See details in the comment)
  • Day 5 ATK result reporting (See details in the comment)

Breakfast was awful. It doesn't even look like a breakfast - it was just a pack of small sandwich, some salad and some pieces of chopped watermelon. I gave it to someone in need later. At first, I thought they forgot to serve breakfast but later found out that the food pack was being hanged on the door knob outside.

PCR result - I was already informed by the nurse upon check-in that I would get the result by 8 am the next day. I had work the next day so my Thai colleague came to pick me up at 7.30 am and was waiting till 8 am. At 8 am, I called the front desk from my room for the result and I was told that it would be ready by noon. I said I couldn't wait that long because I had work and it was not the time that the nurse told me yesterday. Front desk staff said she would check with the nurse and call me back. I also asked my Thai colleague waiting downstairs to talk to the front desk staff for my result. My colleague texted me that front desk staff was giving him a weird/ unsure answer like, result would be ready by 1pm or so. Both me and my colleagues are doctors at a private hospital in BKK so we know it should not be taking this long for result. My colleague insisted the front desk staff to check with hospital for the result, then we got the result and checked out. If my colleague did not insist, I would have stayed there till noon or so. It was such a nightmare in that morning.

On day 5 I did ATK and result was negative but I couldn't upload it into MorChana app - it was not working well. I searched line contact of hotel and found the line named, "Salil Hotel Bangkok". I sent my ATK result to that line and the staff replied that my ATK result would be given to the front office. But on the following days, I still received noti from MorChana app to update ATK result. I asked the same line again, and this time I was given a QR code to add the line of hotel (Test & Go The Salil). I talked in that line and staff there was helpful. Staff asked for my info and searched my name but could not find because it is the different branch of hotel where I didn't stay. So I asked the main hotel line (Salil Hotel Bangkok) to give me the line contact of hotel I stayed at and finally I got the line account of the branch I had stayed which is "Test and Go Salil". Then, I sent the picture of negative ATK to that line, my messages were read but nobody cared to reply. So this is day 11 since I arrived in Thailand but I am not sure whether hotel has already updated my Day 5 ATK result to concerned authorities or not. I travel often but I am not gonna stay in that hotel next time if Test & Go is still required.

3.7 Superior Room
  • Staffs are very friendly.
  • Room is clean.
  • Room space is a bit small

Service is good. Room is a bit small but ok for Test & Go. I certainly will consider again for next time.

4.8 Superior Room
  • Punctual collection at the airport
  • Immediate Pcr test upon arrival
  • Friendly Stuff
  • Delicious and a lot of food
  • Microwave, water heater, coffee and drinking water in the room (of course a fridge), international TV channels
  • Just the view from of the window, but that's not particularly important for one day after a long flight

Thank you:) Everything was really great. But I didn't expect anything other than a perfect organization.

4.7 Deluxe Room
  • Clean
  • Comfortable
  • Quiet
  • Friendly and helpful staff at reception and with luggage
  • Food was ok but nothing special

Tested on arrival at 1.30am. Results and out at 2pm. Comfortable bed. No complaints. I have heard others got faster results turnaround but 12 hrs was ok.

1.8 Superior Room

i book by agoda for a friend and him not use this room because EVISA problem in embassy (late). i understand and accept the politic/rules and the no show for the room and for the driver. but for the swab test, cost about 2400thb, it's not good no return this part of money.

3.8 Superior Room
  • Well organised, test result came in on time. Microwave oven came in handy.
  • No balcony, bought in food from supermarket. Expensive for what it was.

Used the hotel recommended transport service and assistance through Health checks and Immigration, was of very little help, and very expensive.

3.9 Superior Room
  • great service, very nice staff
  • very good location
  • unclean
  • food problem
  • the room isn’t complete clean. I still saw hair and dust on the floor. That’s not my concern until I laid down and found that all pillows smell weird, unclean and drank!
  • before I arrived, They asked about my dietary and I informed them that I am a pescatarian, food and seafood friendly. However, I was served “chicken rice soup” for breakfast! So I asked for a new dish and they resisted my request since they had limited ingredients for each meal. Of course, they apologized and would prepare my lunch properly. I was vey hungry since I would be my first meal after a long flight! But I was also exhausted so I didn’t mind them and took a rest instead. For lunch I was served Mac and cheese with mushroom and I found a piece of HAM in my food! So upset about their food!

Just so you know if you have special dietary, please remind them while you’re checking in order to avoid this problem!

5.0 Superior Room - Special Offer
  • Big comfortable bed
  • Peaceful and quiet
  • Delicious food
  • Limited number of TV channels
  • No room cleaning service for entire 15 days

Nice and comfy room with great selection of food. The only downside is that there are only 2 TV channels in English

5.0 Superior Room - Special Offer
  • Staff very attentive
  • Food excellent
  • Room very clean
  • Room well equipped
  • Asq systems simple to.follow
  • Nothing

I was met at the airport and transferred to the hotel very efficiently. The hotel was excellent through out my stay

3.6 Superior Room
  • Friendly staff
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Hi-Speed Internet
  • Dusty Room with ants
  • Additional price charge when arrived due to I fly from South Africa

Comfortable during stay with cheap price. But not the best choice.

3.2 Superior Room
  • Staff are helpful.
  • Excellent Wifi.
  • Food is not very nice.
  • Without cleaning the room for 2 weeks makes it dirty.

Being locked in a room for 2 weeks without fresh air and human contact is horrible. It might be harmful to mental health.

3.3 Superior Room
  • Clean but shabby fixtures and linens
  • Microwave and fridge
  • Chinaware dishes and stainless set of tableware
  • Prompt and responsive customer service and meal service
  • Requested and received extra food item (boiled egg) every breakfast
  • Requested and received desk-type chair with back
  • Torn bed sheets, old pillows
  • Stool (backless) no chair
  • Took an effort to get a change of bed linens - replacing king-size sheets in quarantine with no help quite difficult
  • Food was plentiful, typical of local staff canteen - some choices fine, others awful - tourists unfamiliar with "home" cooking would likely find the food unacceptable.
  • Outside food delivery handled well.

Accommodated my need to send out documents to my lawyer. Would stay here again only if needed to quarantine on a budget.

4.8 Superior Room
  • Good service, WIFI speed was excellence

Good experience quarantine here, good staff and service. Internet speed was 100 Mbps and easy to connect.

Address / Map

44/14-17, Sukhumvit 53 (Paidee-Madee), Sukhumvit Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana, , Wattana, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand

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