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Updated on October 24, 2021
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Total AQ Hotel Rooms 300 Bedrooms
Partner Hospital Vichaivej Hospital Nongkhaem

Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements, and this includes applying for a Certificate of Entry (COE) to enter Thailand as well.

Booking requests put you in direct contact with the NY City Resort and Spa Bangkok in a prioritized manner, and NY City Resort and Spa Bangkok will directly collect payment from you.

Booking requests for NY City Resort and Spa Bangkok are no longer possible through, but dont worry we have over 400+ ASQ/ALQ/SANDBOX hotels which regulary update their information on our platform.

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Situated in Bang Bo, 5 km from Assumption University- Suvarnabhumi Campus, NY City Resort And Spa features accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, . Each accommodation at the 4-star hotel has garden views

The hotel will provide guests with air-conditioned rooms offering a desk, a safety deposit box, a flat-screen TV, a balcony and a private bathroom with a shower. The rooms have a wardrobe.

The accommodation offers a children's playground.

The nearest airport is Suvarnabhumi, 14 km from NY City Resort And Spa, and the property offers a paid airport shuttle service.

Amenities / Features

  • Covid-19 tests 3 time
  • 24 hours nursing service
  • Room & facility :
  • All rooms have spacious balconies.
  • All the room has a Microwave.
  • The room has a refrigerator middle size.
  • The package include 3 meals a day (Thai, Western food, and vegetarian food.)
  • Airport pick-up service is included.
  • The family allowed to bring dried food to you, the hotel staff will check and pass it to you.
  • You can order dry food from 7-11.
  • Internet with high speed.
  • TV with local channels and 3-5 international channels
  • Room service 9 AM to 6 PM
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Very Good
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2.8 Deluxe Room
  • 1.Friendly staff
  • 2.Microwave
  • 3.Big room and good view
  • 1.Wifi
  • 2.Lack of regular towel providing.
  • 3.Slow response to the changing AQ from 14 to 7 days (Partly because a very confusing announcement of Thai government)

I feel reasonable price and match my purpose (save money for a more necessary things in life). Here are why I feel OK.

  1. I have prepaid package mobile internet.This mitigate the wifi problem.
  2. I prepare some constant coffee, dry food and snack. Never need add on Grab or 7-11 things.
  3. I prepare tooth past, toothbrush and drink water half bottle a day. This help me avoid from additional charge.
  4. I line asking for towel 24 hours before I need. Anyway I think the hotel should give 1 towel per day regularly.
2.6 Deluxe Room
  • Full of light and I have a nice green view
  • Air con is full of dust. Staffs makes noise at morning around 7-8 am. Foods are boring. Water can’t drain well at bathroom and balcony.

Air con is full of dust. Staffs makes noise at morning around 7-8 am. Foods are boring. Water can’t drain well at bathroom and balcony. If they can clean up air con and drainage, it will be good.

2.4 Deluxe Room
  • reasonable price
  • big room and balcony
  • big portion of food
  • Wifi was so poor
  • Taste of food
  • Additional charge
  • Wrong information
  • Many restriction about food ordering

-I just want to share some points to them but it doesn’t mean this hotel is not good. -I don’t understand why staff have to call every morning to tell that breakfast is served because I wanted to sleep well, I’m not a morning person and I have work at night. -They limit type of food, if you want to Grab, Foodpanda,etc. I think when people are serving quarantine might want enjoy themself by eating the delicious food but it’s limited. It makes me more depress. -I asked them for 4 more bottles of water but when checking out, they charged me for 40 thb(10thb each). I’m ok to pay, it’s not much money but I think! Water must be complimentary from the hotel! Some people they drink a lot!

0.9 Deluxe Room

So sad to design to stay hear Staff and room quiet good but system and in room really not comfortable.

0.8 Deluxe Room
  • ดูแลต้อนรับ การนำมาส่ง ที่ รร คนขับรถ คนมารับ จากสนามบินดีมาก
  • ระบบการจัดการของไทยแย่มาก ไม่แปลกใจที่ยอดโควิดพุ่งขึ้น ถ้าเปรียบเทียบระหว่างสิงคโปร์ ถถือว่าคนละชั้น ห้องที่นี่ โดยรวม ในรูป โปรโมทกับ สถานที่จริงไม่ตรงปก
  • มีมด และ น้ำ ก็ไม่ได้ร้อนอะไรตามงบ รึเปล่า แต่ถ้าที่อื่นเทียบราคาแล้วเท่ากัน 24,500 -25,500 หรือ 26,000 แนะนำ โดยจากใจ ไปที่อื่นอย่ากักตัวที่นี่ เนื้องจากสิงค์โปร น้ำ ของประเทศเค้าราคาแพงมาก แต่ระหว่างกักตัว คุณสามารถขอน้ำฟรี ได้ตลอดเวลา24\ชม แต่ที่นี่ไทยแลนด์ ขอน้ำเพิ่ม จ่ายตังค์ คร่า คุณเลือก รร ดีดี แบ้วขอน้ำ บริการ 24 ชม ดีดี ดีกว่า เอา รร ที่มีความเป็นมือ อาชีพ ดีกว่า นะ เราเตือนไว้แล้ว อาหาร ส่ง ทางสิงคโปร์ แล้วแต่ จนท คอยดูแลขึ้นมาส่ง 24 ชม สั่งไวน์ เบียร์มาทานได้ แต่ที่นี่ NY city hotel ทุกอย่างเสมือน คุณเป็นโรคติดต่อ กินเป็นเวลาเสมือนนักโทษ อาการหนัก อาหาร เสมือน ของบริจาค ตามโรงทาน คุณสั่งกินเองยังต้องประวิงรอเวลา ตามกำหนดเพื่อรอส่ง สั่งน้ำปั่น เช้ารอส่ง เย็นมืด ทุ่มนึงถึงได้กินชาไข่มุก ก้อไม่ใช่นะ มีมด แมลง ในห้อง นอนๆอยู่มดเดินมาตามกำแพงเต็มไปหมด ขอผ้าขนหนูผ้าเช็ดตัวหรือสั่งอะไร ค่อนข้างยาก ประสานงานช้า น่าจะตายก่อน ถึงมือหมอ น้ำหาซื้อกินเอง คุณพระ

ระบบการจัดการดูแลระบบการจัดการดูแลหรือระบบการให้บริการไม่ได้เป็นไปตามมาตรฐาน ทุกทุกอย่างเป็นเหมือนตามราคาที่จ่ายดังนั้นคุณจงจ่ายในทางเลือกที่เยอะกว่าและได้ความสบายใจถึงแม้ส่วนต่างจะมากกว่านิดหน่อยแต่เราขอแนะนำด้วยความสัจจริงว่าคุณควรเลือก ที่อื่น เพื่อการกักตัว แบบ ถูกต้องตามหลัก iso หรือ ระบบ สาธารณสุข ที่ดูเป็นมืออาชีพไม่แปลกใจที่กลับมาไทยหรือ อยู่ ตปท แล้ว ยอดยังคงพุ่ง สูงในการติดเชื้อ

1.5 Deluxe Room
  • The staff are all good, but they are stuck with this crazy government regulation...
  • Why do to us, afraid we act like we are political prisoners. Don't forget pfizer vaccine. We inject everyone and know that there is still a risk that can be transmitted to other people but feel afraid even cash. .So boring

Please, the relevant agencies can fix the order to pay on delivery too. Everyone eats the same food, eats a lot, eats less. Thank you.. I hope you will understand the problem, Leader.

2.3 Deluxe Room
  • Nice staff, but English is very poor
  • Balcony in all rooms
  • Microwave
  • You can order food from grab or foodpanda (but you need a Thai phone number)
  • The staff will go to 7/11 for you but you have to transfer them the money first
  • The rooms are not that that clean.. there was a dirty shower cap in my bathroom
  • This wasn’t my initial hotel booking. 2 days before my flight my my hotel told me they were transferring me to NY City. I wouldn’t have chosen it.
  • Lots of small insects and lizards in the room
  • Wifi is extremely poor. Very unreliable. And you can only connect one device to the wifi. Meaning you can’t connect your phone and computer.
  • The food is very unhealthy. So much fat and oil in everything. I asked for no meat or dairy and continued to get it. You get rice with every meal, it’s too much for one person to eat. If you want something different from the kitchen they won’t do it. So many times I asked for fruit and never got it. If you are vegan or vegetarian and health conscious in any form, you will struggle as I did
  • The timing of the food comes at all different times. Sometimes you get lunch at 11:30 and other times at 2pm
  • They charge you for water... you are given some at the beginning but once you’re out you need to transfer them money and they’ll send you some more.

Bring as much food with you as you can. But honestly, I would spend the extra money and stay somewhere else for sure. Not very clean and always lizards everywhere.

3.3 Deluxe Room
  • Big room.
  • Big balcony. This one made a lot of difference for the better. The possibility of breathing fresh air is plus.
  • Good and silent aircon.
  • Food was ok in most days. Not many variety. A bucket of rice in almost every meal including breakfast. It was even too much food sometimes. Even though not of the highest quality.
  • The staff when you call the reception is very friendly and try to help.
  • My thanks also to the nurses of ASQ who helped me when i needed including sending me medicine two times when i felt sick of the stomach. The covid testing went smooth.
  • Wi-fi very weak both speed and conection. Crashing many times. You could only conect to devices per room.
  • The guard on the entrance is a little rude. It makes you feel like you're in the army.

Given the objective of ASQ isolation this Hotel is decently priced for what it offers. The Hotel is on the outskirts of Bangkok which for me was better because from the balcony you had a lot of open space and green nature with some buildings on the background where you could relax. And not concrete and glass walls in the middle of the city.

2.6 Deluxe Room
  • Room is spacious
  • There’s a refrigerator and microwave
  • Wifi is horrible!

WIFI is terrible, I missed online classes & staff at the reception can hardly communicate in English

0.9 Deluxe Room
  • The rooms are big with balcony and microwave
  • The food is okay but not so alternative.
  • 14 days you get the same continental breakfast.
  • No bowl for Microwave only plastics provided
  • No response when request for something since they said they cannot do much.
  • If you don’t like the pillow, thats it they don’t have extra. Bring your own if you have any preference.

I think the hotel is okay, bearable but next time I would like to pay more for something better than this.

2.9 Deluxe Room
  • Clean room , having balcony
  • Bad Wifi , but far away from downtown

NY city is not a bad hotel for ASQ excpet for Wifi and distance from downtown. I gave 3star overall.

2.8 Deluxe Room
  • None
  • Cold water shower 3 days

Do not recommend do not recommend that I recommend do not recommend do not recommend do not recommend

1.4 Deluxe Room
  • Food was on time but lukewarm or cold.
  • Old, dirty hotel.
  • Food was very basic and bland.
  • No drinks with meals except for breakfast you would get 150 ml or soymilk, YUK!
  • Bed was very hard.
  • Almost no one spoke English.
  • Admitted they mostly get Thai guests and it shows. So they are basically an SQ trying to be an ASQ.
  • All information in Thai or Chinese,
  • ASQ ad lies. No mini-bar, no international channels (only Thai 10 channels), no 43" LCD TV.
  • Room smelled like smoke.
  • Gecko living under hot water pot.
  • Call you down for COVID test but they turn off the elevator. When you walk down the stairs, which you're not supposed to do, they yell "No, No, No" so I yell, "COVID TEST, COVID TEST!" Then they say OK and point me to the parking lot where the nurses are.
  • Didn't allow me out of my room until 2nd COVID test which was supposed to be the first. I have a story about this!
  • American breakfast, 1 egg, 3 hotdogs, bread and 150 ml soymilk.
  • No menu to order food, have to eat what they make you.

DON'T STAY AT NY CITY REOSRT!!! The first thing that hit me when I got there was my room, it was not what I requested so I could already tell this place was going to be a problem. Then the food sucked! I got there before lunch so my first meal was noodles and a dessert. I asked for Pad Thai for dinner, didn't get it because they didn't have the ingredients. They have a restaurant. What kind of self-respecting Thai restaurant doesn't have the ingredients for Pad Thai??? So they served it to me for dinner the next night, and the next, and the next and the next. That's right, I got Pad Thai for dinner for 4 nights!!! By this time, my wife started calling the hotel to complain. The manager was so sorry he sent me a pizza and a bag of garlic bread with fake butter. Then the next night, to my surprise, I got pizza again....the exact same pizza, ham and pineapple! First of all, most American's don't like pineapple on their pizza, we like pepperoni and we don't like eating the same thing more than once just like the Pad Thai! So I finally called them and told them to stop sending me Pad Thai and pizza! I told my wife about this and she complained some more. This time she got a 4000 baht discount, APPROVED BY THE OWNER. So finally I just accepted my fate, told my wife to stop calling them and I decided to eat whatever garbage they brought me. They gave me so much Pad Thai, I ate it for several days so I had a standby if I couldn't eat what they sent me. So after all was over and I got discharged, a few days later my wife gets a call from the OWNER stating I owe them money because I "REQUESTED" a second COVID test. NO ONE REQUESTS MORE COVID TESTS!!! COVID TESTS SUCK!!! I said I never requested a 2nd COVID test, they just called me and told me to come down for my test. Remember, I told you they didn't let me out after my first negative COVID test. Then he threated to call the police on me and my wife and to take 6000 baht out of her account. She said you touch my account I WILL CALL THE POLICE!!! He was shocked and didn't know what to say. Then he threatened to call immigration on me. I just laughed and told my wife to block their calls. A couple days later someone else called. A female and tried to negotiate with my wife. I finally told her to tell them we will return 2000 baht and that is it and we are finished. They agreed and I haven't heard from them since. DON'T STAY AT NY CITY RESORT!!!

2.8 Deluxe Room
  • Big enough balcony
  • Room size
  • Friendly contact with nurses
  • Hard to communicate because staff doesn't speak so much English
  • Most information only in Thai and Chinese
  • Room didn't get cleaned during my stay
  • No clean bed linnen during stay
  • No choice in food
  • Ordering things from 7/11 only possible by bank transfer (great for Thai people not so much fun from a foreign bank)

ASQ is basically like a luxury prison. I knew and accepted that while coming here. But especially because my gf had gone through it before I had expected better. No clean bed linnen for 11 nights is long(I had twin beds so changed beds halfway) , most food was fish/shrimp/squid. I don't really like that, but there was no choice. So eat it or be hungry. Roomservice was no help because they only delivered 1 time a day. Because most staff doesn't speak English getting basic stuff delivered to your room is an issue. For example: I ran out of toilet paper and drinking water. Took several phonecalls, line messages ( it's an app like WhatsApp and without it you have a problem in Thailand) and 8hrs!! to get it. Luckily I have Thai friends that helped me with translating and ordering etc otherwise it would have been a bad time. Too be honest I didn't choose this hotel but the hotel I had booked transferred me to here 3days before my flight. So keep in mind you don't always get what you payed for

0.9 Junior Suite
  • Not much. Protection from the elements.
  • People that work here are nice.
  • Bad Wifi.
  • Bad food.
  • No service.
  • No understanding of basic ASQ
  • Uniformed staff.
  • No English.
  • No time out of room.
  • Forgot testing twice.
  • Failed to follow food orders.
  • False advertisement for room
  • Hotel received money for room then raised the price.
  • No new towels after 7 days.

This has been a bad stay. Please. Spend more or just go somewhere else.
Staff are nice but clueless. While nice is good, we need people that can do the basics.

2.3 Junior Suite
  • Friendly staff
  • Terrible internet

Please Improve the internet as guest who come to ASQ need internet for entertainment and business. Food so far is ok.

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