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Updated on October 24, 2021
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฿5,000 DEPOSIT
Total AQ Hotel Rooms 110 Bedrooms
Partner Hospital Piyavate Hospital

Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements, and this includes applying for a Certificate of Entry (COE) to enter Thailand as well.

Alternative Quarantine hotels are in very high demand right now which is why we advise making your booking requests sooner rather than later to ensure you can get the room/package you desire.

Booking requests put you in direct contact with the Ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai in a prioritized manner, and Ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai will directly collect payment from you.

Ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai is no longer operating as an ASQ.

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Choose the best ASQ hotel in Bangkok to turn your Alternative State Quarantine experience into a peaceful space, where you can have a stay that makes it all worthwhile! Ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai in conjunction with our hospital partner, offer a 15-nights government-certified long stay experience. With spacious rooms, are all provided with the amenities for a comfortable stay with our Sweet Bed by ibis and Authentic Thai food & Western delicacies.

Relaxing during your quarantine: All ASQ guests who stay at Ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai, have a peaceful space for everyone to walk out and relax at our chic rainbow swimming pool area. You can touch the fresh air and relax in the colorful zone to reduce stressful and pressure for a long period of quarantine.

Amenities / Features

  • Nasal swab test for Covid-19 RT-PCR (3 times)
  • 24-hour registered nurse on duty
  • Transportation via ambulance to hospital (24-hour service in demand)
  • One way pick up from airport (Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang)
  • Full board meal including breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (selection Authentic Thai or Western Food)
  • Complimentary wifi internet & 43" TV with 2 USB ports
  • Refrigerator, Microwave & cutlery set (For Suite only)
  • Daily Fruit basket for Family Room & Suite
  • Relaxing area outdoor (Subject to government policy)
  • 24 hours customer service
  • 20% discount on A la carte menu & Laundry service
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Very Good
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Very Good
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4.8 Family Room
  • big room
  • bunk bed is exciting for little one
  • helpful staff
  • ability to order 711/food panda etc
  • ability to have family drop goods at hotel for us
  • 2 tv's finally i don't have to watch peppa pig and can have something else on
  • 2 aircons so room is very comfortable
  • bicycle rental for excerise
  • ability to choose/change thai or western menu daily
  • priced well for a family of 3
  • no smart tv so bring a hdmi cable or chromecast if you want netflix or youtube

I had 2 pieces of oversized luggage (bicycle and 34" monitor) staff kept it in storage so it didn't take up space in the room. We had family drop off pampers and toys for our little one which great. for the price I think its a great room for a family of 3 or 4

5.0 Family Room
  • The food is incredible, with many options in each Western/Thai/Kids Menu. Compliments to the chefs!
  • The service was excellent-anything you could need was provided quickly, and to suit your needs.
  • Rooms were private, no noise carried between rooms, facilities were basic, but met the needs of the stay.
  • Assistance was given using the apps, Covid tests were well organized and safety measures were followed throughout.
  • I have no negatives, I was very impressed with this hotel, and would highly recommend it. They were very accommodating for a large group.

When considering ASQ, I highly recommend IBIS Styles Khaosan Viengtai. The staff at the hotel were wonderfully warm and kind. They made us feel welcome, as well as safe, the entire length of our stay. The staff did all they could to make the stay comfortable, and to make sure that you had what you needed to make it as pleasant as possible. The internet was fast, so that numerous devices could be used without issue. The television had a wide variety of channels, alongside the internet, more than enough to pass the time. The room was spacious, with options for sitting and space to move around. Large windows in the family room allowed for us to see outside and not feel so isolated. The food was beyond our expectations.The Thai food was excellent, the Western food amazing. There was always a well balanced meal provided, and four kids agreed, we would visit to have a meal here in the future. The baked goods were also incredible! We can't say enough about the food, it does make a difference when you are locked down for two weeks! The staff went above and beyond to ensure our temperature readings were on time and entered into the apps. The Covid tests were taken with professionalism and attention to keeping everyone distanced and safe when coming into contact with others. We are very grateful to the hotel for making this a pleasant ASQ, in a difficult time for everyone in the city. Thanks to the staff, you are amazing!

3.5 Single Room
  • The staff are amazing and very polite
  • The room is spacious
  • They have HDMI Cable
  • The food is completely terrible !! Please stay somewhere else if you want to eat properly for this price. Very unhealthy, a lot of oil, very very very small portions.

The people who work in the hotel are very polite and helpful. But the food was a very very sad part of my quarantine.

4.8 Suite
  • Spacious room with full convenience.
  • Smooth pick-up service.
  • Peaceful place.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Good hospitality.
  • none

Firstly I like this ASQ hotel because the location is near my home. But I love it more for the suite room is very big and very clean. The hotel staff are nice and always ready to help.

3.7 Single Room
  • Staff was amazing and very friendly, very helpful
  • Room size in general
  • room facilities
  • air con
  • Food
  • Window size is smaller than JAIL, lead to depression among "inmates" after talking to them
  • for vaccinated people make no sense NOT to have little bit fresh air daily ( 15 min/30 min) as hotel not too many "inmates"
  • Food size, quality for first 10 days horrible, after complaining and vomit food improve.
  • During Covid test should be allowed to have at least 10 min fresh air per person as usually no more than 5 people per 30 min present

the Thai government did not do their due diligance in research when it comes to vaccinated people. it is horrible and counter productive if keeping such people locked up almost like prison ( except the food/tv maybe) for 15 days under such conditions and such crazy HIGH prices for the time spent. almost as the government makes fun of people who go through the hassle of applying for special visa only to be tortured from arrival till end of quarantine. nightmare and i will NOT recommend to anybody to arrange such special visa, not worth the hassle

4.6 Single Room

Staff efficient and helpful. Good choice of food and everything was very delicious . Opening windows would of been good

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Address / Map

42 Tanee Road, Banglampu, 10200 Bangkok, Thailand

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