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Updated on April 21, 2022
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Total AQ Hotel Rooms 70 Bedrooms
Partner Hospital Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements, and this includes applying for a Thailand Pass to enter Thailand as well.

This hotel is not a Direct Payment Partner yet, and we cannot gaurentee the following things
  • We cannot guarantee secure payment for this hotel.
  • We cannot guarantee secure document handling for this hotel.
  • We cannot guarantee a fast response for this hotel.
  • We cannot guarantee a fast confirmation letter for this hotel.

You will be directly connected to this hotel via email, and they will collect your documents, and request payment.

We only offer Instant Confirmation Letters, and guarantees for our INSTANT CONFIRMATION hotels listed HERE.


FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit, Bangkok has released new holistic care packages available from THB 34,500in partnership with Bangpakok 9 International Hospital for Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ). These new packages are curated to meet the needs and concerns of guests, with dedicated medical services provided by Bangpakok 9 International Hospital.

FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit, Bangkok has been awarded the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) certification by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in recognition of our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of sanitization and hygiene. The Hotel has adopted many precautionary measures to create a safe environment for all.

Stay with us with peace of mind.

Amenities / Features

  • COVID-19 testing by Real-Time RT-PCR (2 or 3 times) per stay (the number of testing is depending on the period of quarantine stay)
  • Certified nurse and hospital staff stationed at the hotel
  • The certificate for completion of the 12 days quarantine upon check-out
  • Telemedicine consulting services from 08:00 to 20:00 hrs to address concerns about COVID-19
  • Charges are applicable for consultation by Bangpakok 9 International Hospital on additional diagnosis
  • Health monitoring by the nurse
  • Free 24-hour ambulance service transfers between the hotel and the hospital
  • Clean and sanitized rooms come complete with air-conditioning, coffee & tea making facilities, IDD phones, iron & ironing board, microwave oven, minibar with refrigerator, pantry with kitchen utensils and cutlery, safe deposit and spacious working desk
  • 3 meals per day from selected menus
  • Room cleaning service after 1st COVID-19 RT-PCR test
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access
  • 43-inch LED television with satellite channels and a wide variety of both local and international programs
  • Drinking water & coffee and tea in the room
  • Transportation from Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang Airport to the hotel
  • 20% discount on all laundry services
  • Halal Food extra charge 4,500 THB/pax
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4.8 Premier Room
  • Friendly staffs
  • Nurses make appointment for swaping at the same time,they should separate each customer 2minutes apart,not hotel fault by the way

Everything is met expectations, the location is also close the public transportation once check out.

0.6 Premier Room
  • pick up at airport.
  • During 7 days quarantine only 1 day for cleaning.
  • Food are not good.

Should improve your services such as cleaning and food as well as the person who quarantine at your hotel should not be as prisoners, have to have some physical or mental pleasure as much as you can. During my stay, I was told go out because fire alarm from my room, actually nothing happen, just your device for alarm doesn't work well.

2.4 Premier Room
  • Unfortunately, there is hardly positive thing to rate for this hotel.
  • Please do not believe in what you see from their website.
  • Very disappointing stay.

Started from the beginning until the end of my stay, I did not have any positive to say about this property. I do not wish to recommend anyone looks for AQ stay to select this hotel. So bad experiences upon check-in and the Premier room is faced and so close to the highway which you cannot get a pleasure of resting. They had me at first the room that was stinky, an oven was dirty with bad smell. After reporting to the reception, I was treated badly the way staff answered me in order to resolve the problem, already knew that my stay would not be pleasant here. The building is very old, smelly all over the hallway. Cleanliness is beyond poor considering that hygiene is the most important for guests. Food options are bad, please improve urgently. I had to order room services few times and be careful of the amount of chillies they put for you if you order Tom Yum, mild spicy for Thais does not mean I can handle more than 10 smashed chillis inside my soup, paid the price of 5 starred hotel, it was ridiculous because you are not even close to 3-star hotel. Overall experience is very POOR!!

2.7 Premier Room
  • Spacious and clean.
  • Very poor meals.

No more comments. I have already mentioned all my reflections under the Ratings. If you can upgrade the meals, it will be more enjoyable.

4.2 Premier Room
  • You will need a microwave in the room, which Furamaxclusive did have and I was so glad as I walked in the room. They ring your bell at 7AM for breakfast, at 11:30 for Lunch and at 15:45 for dinner so if you are like me and not used to this meal times you better have a microwave in the room to warm those meals. always ensure in the reviews that the hotel has a microwave, its a mustttttt
  • You will also need a good chef that cooks food that is well seasoned and nice to taste. Although there is no option to choose from, I was mostly happy with the meals I was recieving. If you dont like eggs, you will have a little problem, cause they love eggs with everything, you get poached, fried and scrambeled depending on whether is breakfast or lunch and dinner but you will get an egg with all your meals. Also they have this fish sause that they serve with most of their meals which I was a bit not so sure about as most of the meals are chicken, but when you try it you are going to like it. its better for you to get used to the taste of the foods cause you are in Thailand and you need to embrase the cuisine. They have very tasty soups loooooove them and the pad thai is to die for also. was not expecting the food to be this tasty specially when my husband was staying at Soliture hotel in Bangkok and appreantly they had the worst food and guess what he paid so much more for his package. he did not have a microwave in his room also and was misrable for 12 days.
  • The room's windows do open, so thats a plus. Although I did not open them at all but I guess some people love to do that.
  • The nurse msgs you on whatsapp to get your temp twice a day which I found very nice cause they dont bother you by phoning you on telephone especially when you work late at night and want to get sleep in the morning.
  • After first PCR test was negative they come every two day and clean your room which other hotels do not do. So if you like your room cleaned this is the hotel for you.
  • The internet is good.
  • The staff are nice too.
  • negatives are, there is no couch in the room so I spend most of the time on the bed.
  • the room decor is a bit outdated if you really care about it.
  • if you leave cakes and sweets out you will come back to see little ants on them so try not leave food out, clean after yourself immediately.

all and all good experience .. If you have not experienced ASQ in Thailand let me tell you what you would relly require to have a good 10 day quarantine. the basic things can bug you if they are not good in these 10 days, so try to make the right decision when choosing your home for 10 days.

2.6 Deluxe Room
  • Spacious room with Bath tub
  • Cost effective for 35+sqm room
  • Flexible with ordering outside food(Ordered several service without problem)
  • Microwave, rather big fridge, and small kitchen with dishes.
  • Wi-Fi is soooooo unstable (Laptop, iphone, tablets...all of them faced the connection problem)
  • stuck in the room for 2 weeks, hotel should be aware of how important WiFi connection is.
  • claimed once, but they never replied to that typical message(other requests, they did)
  • Never had a chance to go outside for refreshment (Maybe I was able to ask, but no explanation from the hotel)
  • No room cleaning nor towel changes during the 2 week stay(clearly stated in the explanation provided from the hotel)

Need stable Wi-Fi for Zoom meeting or Netflix? Go find different hotel. (Furama Silom, had much better Wi-Fi when I stayed in the beginning of the year) But if you need microwave, pantry and have other things that can entertain you without internet, I would say it is okay.

I mean, trying to find large room price with around 30K, I think you have to chose what you think is important.

4.5 Deluxe Room
  • Attentive staff
  • Plenty of food
  • Delicious Thai desserts
  • Not being able to leave the room
  • no bathtub

Overall, it was okay. The staff was very helpful and the nurses were very sweet. I managed to kill the time with Netflix and knitting.

3.7 Premier Room
  • Friendly staff
  • Spacious
  • Bright
  • Small kitchenette
  • Deceiving photos

It could be noisy at times and maintenance is needed but we made it. Thanks to all the team members.

4.1 Premier Room
  • Spacious
  • Big room
  • Clean
  • Good lighting
  • With a sink

It was a pleasant stay at Furama Sukhumvit. Would definitely stay there again in the future. Highly recommend this place as the price was pretty cheap compared with the quality.

2.8 Deluxe Room
  • Nurse service
  • Porter service
  • Not allowed windows/balcony doors open for fresh air.
  • Reception staff unwilling to help with food orders.
  • Only a few english TV channel.
  • Food selection could be better.
  • Removal of furniture in room/only left one chair and bed in room.
  • Shower cold/ no pressure also.
  • Air conditioner unit very loud.

14 days is a long time to be in one room with nothing to do. I thought ahead and brought amazon fire stick plus VR gaming unit with me. All communication is done by text/LINE. Pictures on website not like the real thing so be warned. They charge you for the small mini bar/ no alcohol is aloud.

3.4 Premier Corner Room
  • A large room
  • No carpet
  • Comfortable bed
  • Friendly staff
  • Excellent ASQ set up with the medical team.
  • Good to have a set of plates and cutlery.
  • Happy to deviate from set menu for dietary needs, the chef makes an excellent tuna salad.
  • Rapid response to requests for more tea, stationery etc.
  • Prompt departure with all necessary documentation.
  • The room and furniture are all a little tired and need renovating.: basic
  • I never worked out how to use the TV
  • The WiFi is adequate for low bandwidth use, but struggles on Zoom and things requiring more bandwidth.
  • Too much tofu on the vegetarian menu and an omelette with ever meal. Thankfully, you could opt out and ask for an alternative.
  • The back board feature behind the bed is covered with plastic sheeting and looks very odd.
  • So much plastic!!!!!! Could the hotel explore using more environmentally friendly food boxes.
  • Meal delivery times were often quite early, meaning food generally had to be reheated

If a main objective is space and you don't mind things being rather basic, this is a good option. Certainly not a luxury option, but the bed is comfortable, there are places to work and a kitchenette area to decant and heat or prepare food. The menu is released via Line on a daily basis to choose for the following day, and although there is choice the vegetarian menu is almost exclusively tofu based and involves a Thai style omelette. Thankfully, the kitchen became experts at preparing me salads, which were most welcome. It would be wonderful if the hotel could explore using environmentally friendly food containers, as the amount of plastic packaging was soul destroying. The House keeping, Nursing team and reception staff were all friendly and efficient. Job done....

3.8 Premier Corner Room
  • Good availability and kindness of the staff
  • bathroom cleanliness

A bit dated hotel that needs a good refresh. The maintenance of the toilets is to be reviewed. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

2.5 Deluxe Room
  • Nothing positive that is worth mentioning
  • WIFI was very poor.
  • Food menu and options was terrible
  • Items provided in the room such as soft drinks etc were not complimentary

Not Impressed at all. From my point of view I would rather pay a little more and stay at a proper ASQ

4.3 Deluxe Room

Everything is great But there is no Iranian or Arabian food menu Overall I recommend to anyone because stuff and service are great

5.0 Premier Room
  • Spacious room
  • Wifi excellent
  • Hearty and good meals
  • Very nice nurses
  • Impossible to open the window of the room to ventilate and renew the air. Contrary to the instructions of the Thai Ministry of Health
  • Permanent Sukhumvit noise

Good hotel for the forties! It is a stay which you have to prepare psychologically before departure! Pay attention to the return to normal life. I had some worries due to the lack of activity and oxygen during these 2 weeks .... so quiet during the 1st days of "freedom"

1.8 Deluxe Room

Food should be improved. Like rice topped with curry cart, average over 2,000 per night, but not on the cover at all, the worst

2.8 Premier Room
  • Big room with reasonable price
  • Great area , allow to order food from outside so many choices around
  • Have balcony but the door locked at all times

The hotel is totally fine but the hospital (Bangpakok9) is not ok. I and my husband had to separate since started because he got positive on the test (even we both had fully vaccinated with pfizer before) we asked for second test just to make sure because we heard there are lots of faut test happening and specially only 1 week after 2nd dose , they not allowed that and said it wasted even we insisted we liked to pay for that. But they said even the result was negative he still had to go. So my husband had to go to the hospital stayed in covid ward for 14 days without any symptoms and I had to stay in quarantine hotel 2 days longer. Luckily the hotel was nice , they didn't charge extra for that. I tried to call doctor in charge many times but only found nurse and they couldn't help any. I called Covid hotline 1422 they surprised that we got tested after vaccines which is very high chance to get fault test. But they could not help anything because it's government policy. So I would like to share my idea to make it more comfortable and safe at the same time for everyone I hope. 1 check how long they are fully vaccinated before doing the Covid test. Then organize the test accurately. 2 when the close contacts stay in quarantine hotel already 14 days but they have to stay longer with all negative tests, should give them a choice (specially fully vaccinated) to quarantine at home or hotel. Somebody don't have money much to pay the hotel.

4.1 Deluxe Room
  • The staff was incredibly attentive.
  • They were also incredibly fast at attending your needs.
  • They were also incredible responsible towards the safety procedures.
  • Big and confortable room.
  • Food was an issue to me, as an european I'm not used to thai food, I would have wanted to pay for different menu options, maybe a western options, you could ask something different but there were not many options.
  • The biggest issue to me was the poor internet quality.

The internet quality was a big issue to me, but despite this I think the hotel was really good, the staff was great and they were incredibly carefull, the room was big and comfortable.

4.9 Deluxe Room
  • All
  • Not

A good hotel I been there for 17 days quarantined 16 days but i stay one more day extra, good service, good food, covid test 3 times, checked temperature 2 times every day. We get food three times a day and always came on times and the other good service too! I will come back to stay in FuramaXclusive sukhumvit again sometimes this year. Good luck everyone and stay safe 😀❤🌹🙏🙏

4.3 Deluxe Room
  • Spacious and bright room, polite staff, good Wifi and good food.
  • I would like to have more variety in food options. I couldn't get out in the balcony or at least open the window.

I would highly recommend this ASQ hotel as overall I am satisfied. I feel comfortable in the room, they provide me with everything I need. The wifi is very good which is very important for me.

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27 Sukhumvit Soi 1, Sukhumvit Rd., Wattana, Wattana, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand

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